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At Terminal 1 passengers will find 10,900 parking spaces. A free shuttle bus takes passengers from Terminal 1 to the train station. In addition, there are 8,779 car parking spaces for both long and short-term parking available at Terminal 2. Some 2 km away from T1 another car parking facility provides an additional 995 spaces for motorists. A free shuttle bus takes passengers back to the terminals.

With Barcelona city being less than 14 km / 8 miles away, it’s easy to get to the airport via the C-32B highway that links to the city.

Right in front of T2C there is a multi-storey car park that holds 2,009 cars and allows passengers access to the terminal via a covered walkway. Just outside T2A there is another multi-storey car park with around 2,600 car parking spaces. This building is currently undergoing extension with two additional levels being added for more parking spaces in the future.

Between the two terminals motorists will find the long stay parking facility. It’s worth parking here for parking requirements that exceed a day or two, as it offers the most cost effective solution. It just takes a few minutes to get back to the terminals via the shuttle bus. It costs EUR 26.40 to park for a full 24 hour period in Aparcamiento Larga Estancia (the long term parking facility). Motorists must book Barcelona Airport parking in advance for long-term requirements, which can be done via http://www.reservasparking.com.

At T1’s parking facility, motorists can park for one day at the cost of EUR 36.60 and there is no need to book in advance. It takes around 9 minutes to walk back to the terminal from T1’s Aparcamiento en superficie T1. It’s the better option for stays of 4 days or less and for dropping off and picking up passengers.

The other Terminal 1 car park is Edificio de aparcamiento T1, which costs the same but is located closer to Terminal 1. It takes just 3 minutes to walk back to the building.

VIPs will find Barcelona Airport parking at Aparcamiento VIP, where a full day costs EUR 66.00 on a fully personalised service option. This facility requires pre-booking via http://www.parkingvipbarcelona.com/reserva.html. There are special meeting points, where motorist and the driver picking up or returning the car can meet. The car will be kept in a secure holding facility during the parking period. It is even possible for the driver to obtain the boarding pass on behalf of the customer, or organise a car wash for them, have the interior cleaned, an oil change done or having the tank filled. Meeting points are located in front of the terminals at clearly signposted areas.

At Terminal 2C motorists can find spaces in front of the terminal for short to mid-term parking requirements and parking is charged by the minute. These are open-air car parks and are less secure than the multi-storey car parks at T1. Motorists pay EUR 13.20 per hour in the long-term Aparcamiento Large Estancia car parking facility at T2. At Aparcamientos T2, which is located within a 3 minute walk from Terminal 1, the cost per hour is EUR 18.30. There is no need to reserve for the short-term parking facility, but in the long-term parking facility motorists need to reserve their spaces.

For more information about long and short-term parking at Barcelona Airport, please visit the official website at http://www.aena-aeropuertos.es

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