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Getting to and from La Gomera Airport (GMZ)

La Gomera is a small island with an accessible and open transport system. Most of the taxis, buses and car rental agencies offer their services to public commuters around the area.

The modes of transportation mentioned above also serve most establishments and well-known sites in La Gomera.

They are also authorized to pick up and drop off passenger guests at the ground transportation center of La Gomera Airport. This has made the whole island connected for easy transaction and transfer service.

Meanwhile, a car park is also available for guests, located a few meters from the terminal building.

Rental Car Services at La Gomera Airport

Renting a vehicle is one of the most convenient transport services a traveler can take. You can enjoy the journey while traveling at your own pace with no time restriction.

In La Gomera, car rental services are locally called car hires. Most of the rental companies have their own offices where renters could inquire. Most also have desks inside huge and renowned establishments, such as malls, markets, and airports.

In La Gomera Airport, two Car Hire companies offer affordable service to interested renters. However, there are necessary documents needed to rent one.

The renter must be at least 21 and have had a driver's license for two years. However, drivers under 25 should pay the underage driver's fee.

In returning the rented vehicle, it is a must for renters to notify their rental agency for specific instructions. Renters must also surrender the key and pay the corresponding rental charge to the agency.

Note to all renters that rental rates vary depending on the renter's chosen vehicle and agency.

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Taxi Services at La Gomera Airport

Taxi cabs can be hailed anywhere in La Gomera. They are accessible outside establishments that serve tourists and travelers. Most of the taxis use a metered system. However, some are using the fixed rate system.

Taxis are also available for an excursion, touring around the island. It is best to negotiate correctly with the driver.

La Gomera Airport has a taxi stand located outside the passenger terminal building. Taxi cabs can pick up and drop off passengers at the airport's ground transportation area. However, taxi rates vary during weekdays, weekends, and public holidays and also depend upon the passenger's point of destination.

La Gomera Airport is about 18km or a 32-minute drive to and from the town center and about 35km or a 50-minute drive from San Sebastian de La Gomera, the island's capital.

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Train Services at La Gomera Airport

The railway system has yet to be present in La Gomera. Therefore, train transport is inaccessible and unavailable on the island.

Commuting public and travelers are advised to take other transport options, such as buses, taxis, or rent-a-car.

Additional information about train services near La Gomera Airport.

Bus Services at La Gomera Airport

Bus transport is a primary transfer service on the island of La Gomera. It has been serving the region for many years, and the locals use it daily for mobility.

Buses are most accessible in every town of La Gomera. They have designated bus stations where local commuters can ride.

Two bus lines, bus 6 and bus 7, also serve La Gomera Airport. Bus route no. 6 runs between the airport and the municipality of Valle Gran Rey, including other towns, such as Chipude, El Cercado, Las Hayas, and Alajero. Meanwhile, bus route 7 connects the airport and San Sebastian de La Gomera, the island's capital.

Buses are available outside the airport's passenger terminal building. They are only allowed to pick up and drop off passengers at the designated bus stops inside the airport premises.

Further information about buses to and from La Gomera Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at La Gomera Airport

Most hotels in La Gomera, especially in its capital city, San Sebastian de La Gomera, offer shuttle services for their guests. However, tourists must confirm their hotel booking and reserve a shuttle service for a convenient transfer.

Some hotels have a complimentary shuttle transfer, and others may offer it for a surcharge fee.

Rideshare Services at La Gomera Airport

Rideshare vehicles are unavailable at La Gomera Airport. Therefore, travelers should try other transfer services, such as taxis, shuttles, and buses.

Parking Services at La Gomera Airport

A car park with a capacity of 176 vehicles is provided at La Gomera Airport. It is conveniently located just a few meters from the passenger terminal. This facility is free of charge for transacting guests and passengers of the airport.

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If you intend to travel around the area during your stay, it might be more economical to rent a car at La Gomera Airport.

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