Buses to and from La Gomera Airport (GMZ)

Bus transport is a primary transfer service on the island of La Gomera. It has been serving the region for many years, and the locals use it daily for mobility. They are most accessible in every town on the island. They also have designated bus stations where local commuters can take a ride.

Two bus lines, bus 6 and bus 7, also serve La Gomera Airport. Bus route no. 6 runs between the airport and the municipality of Valle Gran Rey, including other towns, such as Chipude, El Cercado, Las Hayas, and Alajero. Meanwhile, bus route 7 connects the airport and San Sebastian de La Gomera, the island's capital.

Bus line 6 from La Gomera Airport to Valle Gran Rey picks up passengers following flight arrivals. While passengers from Valle Gran Rey Bus Station to the airport, taking the same bus route, leave the station two hours before flight departures. The bus fare for taking this route costs €5.00.

Meanwhile, bus line 7 connecting San Sebastian de La Gomera to La Gomera Airport departs 1 hour and 45 minutes before flight departures and takes passengers from the airport to the capital following the arrival schedules. The bus fare on this route costs €4.00.

At La Gomera Airport, buses are available outside the passenger terminal building close to the public car park. They are only allowed to pick up and drop off passengers at the designated bus stop inside the airport premises.

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