Places to visit in San Sebas De La Gomera

Tourism near La Gomera Airport is booming thanks to the excellent services offered by local businesses and attractions with stunning landscapes and an abundance of wildlife. Tourists flock to this region for its unique culture and natural beauty.

From deep sea fishing to exploring ancient sites, visitors can participate in all kinds of activities while visiting the area. Numerous hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops within walking distance from the airport make it convenient for tourists who want to explore more than just the airport itself.

For those looking for something more adventurous, there are plenty of water sports, such as windsurfing or sailing, and nearby breathtaking views for hikers or sightseers. With so much to do and see around La Gomera Airport, it's no wonder why tourism continues to grow here every year.

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From South Tenerife: La Gomera Island Tour

Enjoy a trip through time as you explore the island of La Gomera, located just off the coast of Tenerife. To get to San Sebastián de La Gomera quickly, take the ferry. Afterward, head to Garajonay National Park from the capital city by way of the Hermigua Valley.

Explore the "El Cedro" forest and take in the exotic flora. After lunch, you can watch a performance of the locals' "Silbo Gomero" whistling language in the afternoon and learn some of the language's intricate rhythms.

Travel through "Chipude" and "El Cercado" on the way back. Consider the magnificent "Agando" rock. Explore the rich culture of San Sebastián and visit the Asunción Church, where Christopher Columbus worshiped before setting sail for the New World.

La Gomera: Flower Guided Tour with Butterflies and Bees

Discover how honey is made while taking in the sights of La Gomera's flora and fauna. On this stroll, you'll learn about the fascinating beekeeping world.

The tour "De Flor en Flor" begins now, so please join your guide (from flower to flower). Enjoy the sweetness of raw honey as you learn about flowers and their busy little inhabitants.

Walk along La Gomera's picturesque trails and learn about the island's flora, fauna, and pollinators. Spend some time in a butterfly oasis learning about flora and fauna of the area, and have your guide teach you about the unique characteristics of various flower species.

The next stop is at a beekeeper's hive, where you'll be introduced to the fascinating world of bees. Learn the details about the life span of a bee and the amount of honey it will produce.

Putting on a beekeeper's outfit will allow you to experience beekeeping firsthand. Experience the buzzing activity of the bees up close and personal by entering the hive, and then round out your visit with a taste of some fresh, local honey.

Guided Tour to La Gomera (Fred Olsen)

Fred Olsen, your first stop after stepping off the ferry should be Valle de Hermigua. Following that, you'll travel to Agulo, where you'll have lunch at Las Rosas Restaurant and experience authentic Canarian cuisine. A real-life example of el "Silbo Gomero," the only whistled language in the world to be designated as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Afterward, you can enjoy dessert and coffee before heading to Garajonay National Park. You'll learn about Laguna Grande and its beautiful surroundings. Returning to San Sebastián, you can stop at the famous Degollada de Peraza, a volcanic and impressive viewpoint.

Before catching the ferry back to Tenerife, you'll have some free time in San Sebastián to see the sights. This includes Christopher Columbus's house, La Casa de Colón, and the Asunción Church, among others.

From Tenerife: Open Return Ferry Ticket to La Gomera

Take advantage of the ferry's amenities and travel in style. Enjoy the world-class service, breathtaking vistas, and cutting-edge technology on board.

Connecting the ports of San Sebastián on La Gomera and Los Cristianos on Tenerife is a breeze and takes just 50 minutes with the fastest and most comfortable ferry service.

When you step aboard, you can tune in to live TV, read digital newspapers and magazines, watch your favorite shows and movies, and play your favorite video games.

La Gomera: Entry Ticket for The Ethnographic Park

Please visit the Ethnographic Museum of La Gomera. This eclectic outdoor experience will help you learn about the island's history and people.

Before the Spanish arrived, get in the door and study La Gomera's history and culture. Pick between a basic tour and a "deluxe" one that includes tastings of regional specialties.

It would help if you began your exploration of La Gomera by walking between the terraces, where you can observe the banana plantations and other crops and fruit trees. Learn the process of making Palm Syrup, a Gomeran delicacy.

Learn about the history of La Gomera and the impact humans have had on the island's landscape. The three displays house the largest collection of Gomeran antiques and feature performances of the "Gomeran whistle." A working watermill can also be seen in the main exhibit building.

If you opted for the "deluxe" package, your visit would conclude with a tasting of regional specialties.

From Los Cristianos: La Gomera Island Full-Day Trip

As soon as we finish the pickup, the trip will begin. You can take the Naviera Armas ferry from Los Cristianos Port in southern Tenerife to San Sebastian de La Gomera with an official guide. We leave the harbor and make our way to the island's heart, where we observe the gradual transition from dry to wet vegetation.

To witness the rare occurrence of horizontal rain, the first stop is "La degollada de Peraza." A short distance away, in the region of the ancient supervolcanoes, is "the rock of Agando," an impressive and steep formation of volcanic lava and one of la Gomera's most recognizable landmarks.

As we enter the Garajonay National Park, we will see the Laurisilva ecosystem among the lush vegetation. When dinosaurs roamed the Earth, this type of ancient subtropical forest could be found in many locations. We'll take a break inside the park at Laguna Grande, where you can get out and walk around to look at the Laurisilva up close.

You'll reach Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera, and stop at the Palmarejo viewpoint to take in one of the island's most stunning canyons before making your way to the coastal village. You can take a beach stroll or enjoy an aperitif because you'll have some downtime. Eventually, you'll arrive in the town of Agulo. There, you can stop for lunch at a local establishment quintessential to the island of Gomera.

Upon returning to San Sebastian, check out the Torre del Conde and La Casa de Colón. These two historic buildings were connected to Christopher Columbus's transit through the city before his departure for the American Continent. The trip from La Gomera to Tenerife begins at around 5 p.m.