La Gomera Airport Departures (GMZ)

Buses, taxis, and car hires or rentals are available for all departing guests of La Gomera Airport. However, passengers are advised to consider their traveling duration. They must be at the airport an hour or two before their flight schedule.

Upon entering the Pre-Departure Area, outbound guests should prepare their valid I.D., passport, plane ticket, and other necessary documents. These are also needed upon check-in to obtain a boarding pass.

All outbound guests needing special assistance can also approach any of the airport staff for help.

Transfer Services at La Gomera Airport

Transfer services such as taxis, buses, and car rentals are available at La Gomera island. They offer quality transport service to any point on the island, especially for those who must catch a flight at La Gomera Airport. They are allowed to drop off departing guests at the ground transportation center of the facility.

A free public car park is also offered for guests, located a few meters from the passenger terminal building.

Rental Car Services at La Gomera Airport

Car Hires or Carental services are accessible on the island of La Gomera. Several rental companies offer transportation convenience for their renters.

In La Gomera Airport, two quality Car Hire companies are available for an affordable rate. However, interested renters must comply and submit the necessary documents to rent a vehicle.

The renter must be at least 21 and have had a driver's license for two years. Drivers under 25 should pay the underage driver's fee. Rental rates vary depending on the renter's chosen vehicle and rental agency.

To return vehicles rented from the airport, renters must notify the car rental agency for instructions. Some are instructed to leave their rented car at an accessible location, and others may return it at the airport.

See all rental car companies at La Gomera Airport.

Taxi Services at La Gomera Airport

Taxis are available anywhere in La Gomera as it is one of the island's most accessible transfer services.

La Gomera town center is about 18km or a 32-minute drive to the La Gomera Airport via GM-3 and about 35km or a 50-minute drive from San Sebastian de La Gomera, the island's capital.

Note that taxi rates vary during weekdays, weekends, and public holidays and also depend upon the passenger's point of destination.

More information about taxis at La Gomera Airport.

Train Services at La Gomera Airport

Railway transport does not exist at La Gomera. Therefore, we recommend something other than this mode of transportation for public commuters, especially for outbound guests of La Gomera Airport. Some other transport options, such as buses, taxis, or car rentals, are available within the area.

Additional information about train services near La Gomera Airport.

Bus Services at La Gomera Airport

Buses are one of La Gomera's cheapest and most accessible public transportation on the island.

Bus routes no. 6 and 7 serve La Gomera Airport. Bus 6 runs between Valle Gran Rey and other towns, including Chipude, El Cercado, Las Hayas, and Alajero. In contrast, bus 7 takes the route from San Sebastian de La Gomera to the airport.

For outbound passengers with flight schedules at the airport, it is best to consider your travel time before riding the bus. Depending on your location, it usually takes an hour or two to go to the airport.

The bus stop is located outside the passenger terminal at La Gomera Airport. Buses are only allowed to drop off passengers at the designated area inside the airport premises.

Note that the bus departs following flight arrivals.

Further information about buses to and from La Gomera Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at La Gomera Airport

Hotel Shuttle Services are available in some of the hotels on La Gomera island. However, guests are advised to confirm their booking and shuttle reservation for a hassle-free transfer before their scheduled flight to the island.

Some hotels offer a free shuttle service, and others may offer it for an additional charge.

Rideshare Services at La Gomera Airport

Rideshare transfer is rare on La Gomera island. Therefore, travelers are recommended to take other accessible modes of transportation in the area, such as taxis, buses, and shuttle services.

Parking Services at La Gomera Airport

A public parking area with 176 spaces for vehicles is provided for passengers and guests of La Gomera Airport.

It is a complimentary facility for each and every guest at the airport.

See more information about long and short-term parking at La Gomera Airport.

Other Services at La Gomera Airport

In addition to car rental, baggage claim, and retrieval services, information desks, tourist helpdesks, and a restaurant, La Gomera Airport in Spain also provide car rental, information desks, tourist helpdesks, and a restaurant. The airport offers free Wi-Fi access throughout the terminal building for travelers and guests seeking extra services.

A bank machine can also be used in the arrivals area to withdraw cash or pay bills. In addition, it has recently adopted a computerized check-in technology that allows passengers to check in without waiting in line at a typical counter.

Several stores within the terminal building provide gifts, souvenirs, and other products relating to Spain's rich culture and history. With all of these amenities accessible at La Gomera Airport, it's no surprise that many travelers choose this as their preferred entry point into Spain.

Disabled Passengers at La Gomera Airport

A team of skilled workers is available to assist disabled passengers with check-in, boarding, and disembarking. They can give wheelchairs to passengers who require them and assist with bags and other needs.

Suppose passengers require special assistance at the airport. In that case, they should contact their airline in advance, as not all airlines offer this service. Additionally, the airport offers a Meet & Assist service to aid travelers in navigating the terminal from arrival to departure. This includes assistance locating parking, maneuvering through security checkpoints, and navigating the departure gates.

Depending on their ticket type and handicap status, disabled passengers can utilize this service for free. Nonetheless, it is recommended that you contact your airline before scheduling assistance, as policies differ by carrier.

Wi-Fi at La Gomera Airport

Internet access at the airport has numerous benefits for passengers. First, it allows tourists to stay in touch with family and friends overseas. In addition, users may check their emails and critical information, such as flight timings and boarding permits, without having to locate an internet café or utilize their phone's data plan.

In addition, Wi-Fi at the airport enables travelers to investigate La Gomera's activities before their arrival and make plans before landing. This is especially helpful for those unfamiliar with the area, as it will give them greater confidence in their trips before they leave home. Wi-Fi-accessible entertainment alternatives, such as movies, music streaming services, and social media platforms, make sitting at the airport significantly more fun.

Additionally, numerous charging stations are located throughout the terminal where passengers may charge their phones and laptops before boarding their flight. Also, La Gomera Airport offers pleasant seating so passengers can relax between flights without standing in line all day.

Baggage Claim at La Gomera Airport

The baggage carousels are conveniently located at the check-in booths and a service desk. Passengers must clear customs with their passports and luggage before leaving the airport grounds and entering the country or city of their final destination.

Additionally, the airport has several stores for passengers who wish to purchase souvenirs or other products during their stopover or before boarding their next trip. The shops include duty-free retailers, gift shops, bookstores, and newsstands. In addition, there are cafes where passengers can grab a quick snack or beverage while waiting for their flights.

Information Desk at La Gomera Airport

This section assists passengers with their baggage, tickets, and boarding procedures. In addition to offering general information on La Gomera Airport services, the staff at the Information Desk can answer queries about airline schedules, local car rental services, and other transit choices.

The information desk is an excellent resource for travelers interested in learning about this beautiful Canary Island. With its close proximity to popular beach resorts along the coast of Africa, La Gomera Airport serves as a convenient gateway to Europe or the African continent's landlocked nations.

Smoking at La Gomera Airport

Smoking is forbidden in all enclosed public areas, including the terminal building and boarding halls. When seated in a designated smoking location outside the main terminal and away from nonsmokers, passengers may smoke at any time inside the airport.

Outside of these limited zones, passengers may still be required to respect certain restrictions, such as refraining from smoking near entrances and exits and disposing of cigarette ashtrays properly.

In addition, La Gomera Airport has installed air filtration systems throughout the facility, which trap airborne particles before they enter the building's circulation system. This decreases exposure to secondhand smoke. With these precautions, passengers can rest assured that their health will be protected at La Gomera Airport.

Lost and Found Section at La Gomera Airport

This section is where you can search for, and claim lost or recovered items at the airport. It is open seven days a week between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. It is between the check-in and baggage claim areas.

When an object has been reported as lost or recovered, it will be stored safely until its owner claims it. Suppose a person must retrieve their stuff within two weeks. In such a circumstance, the funds will be donated to charitable organizations that will use them for good causes.

At La Gomera Airport, all employees are trained to handle client requests so that everyone receives prompt assistance while searching for a lost or found item.

Restrooms at La Gomera Airport

The proximity of the restrooms to the departure gates makes them easy to locate. The toilets are roomy and well-maintained. They feature separate male and female toilets with private stalls providing ample solitude. If you need to freshen up before your flight, an extensive range of soap, paper towels, and other items are available.

In addition, numerous water fountains are positioned around the airport, making filling bottles or other containers with cold drinking water easier. At the same time, you await the arrival of your flight. With these services available at La Gomera Airport, passengers can feel confident that their needs will be covered for a comfortable layover.

Nursing Mothers Station at La Gomera Airport

This facility is committed to providing nursing and new mothers with a comfortable environment. The station is close to the boarding gates. It provides a secluded, peaceful place with ample seating, changing facilities, electrical outlets, air conditioning, special lighting, and sound insulation for nursing mothers and infants.

In addition to providing a secluded area for moms to breastfeed, La Gomera Airport has made traveling with small children easier by giving complimentary strollers at the information desk. This project makes it easier for parents to navigate airport terminals while caring for infants.

These features make traveling with children significantly less stressful, allowing families to explore new locations comfortably.

ATMs at La Gomera Airport

The ATMs at La Gomera Airport dispense euros. Additionally, the airport features numerous stores and eateries where passengers can purchase gifts and beverages.

Currency Exchange at La Gomera Airport

At La Gomera Airport, currency exchange is simple and convenient. A currency exchange ATM and bureau de change offer competitive rates for euros in the arrivals terminal. Additionally, the airport features a duty-free shop where you can purchase things in your preferred currency. Additionally, most restaurants, hotels, and businesses on La Gomera Island accept all major credit cards, making it simple to pay for goods and services while on vacation.

Food and Beverages at La Gomera Airport

There is a snack bar with sandwiches and beverages and a duty-free shop for alcoholic beverages and tobacco items. Additionally, there is an information desk to assist passengers with inquiries regarding their flight or airport services. In addition, tourists may discover tiny shops selling souvenirs, books, and other products.

Shopping at La Gomera Airport

The airport offers a diverse selection of shops, from international brands to local products and souvenirs. Each store at La Gomera Airport has a sign indicating its location, so everything is visible.

Additionally, there are restaurants and cafes for those who need to get a bite before their flight. Due to the tax-free prices on things such as perfumes, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, and electronics, duty-free shopping is trendy among travelers.

La Gomera Airport offers a variety of alternatives to make your vacation more enjoyable. Whether you are seeking a specific item or just shopping for gifts or souvenirs to bring home.

Pet Relief at La Gomera Airport

Pet relieving spaces at La Gomera Airport offer tourists with animal companions a place to relieve themselves and exercise. These pet-specific relaxation zones have grass, trees that provide shade, waste bags, water dishes, and pick-up stations.

The airport attempts to make the stay of its four-legged guests as pleasant as possible so they may enjoy their journey. There are pet relief spaces in both the arrivals and departures terminals, allowing passengers quick access before or after their trip.

Ticketing Services at La Gomera Airport

The ticketing service staff at La Gomera Airport is cordial and can assist clients with their ticket requirements. In addition, they help passengers with misplaced luggage and other travel-related concerns that may happen during their time at the airport.

In addition to ticketing services, it also provides automobile rental services for tourists who seek to explore the island in comfort and style. Car rental desks are placed within the airport building's perimeter, allowing passengers to swiftly reserve a vehicle before venturing to explore this picturesque portion of Spain's Canary Islands.

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