La Gomera Airport Parking

Convenient, safe, and expansive parking spaces are provided at La Gomera Airport. It is located just a few meters from the passenger terminal. It is also a disabled-friendly facility that could surely cater to the needs of every person with disabilities.

The car park has a capacity of 176 vehicles. This facility is free of charge for transacting guests and passengers of the airport.

La Gomera Airport Parking

Address: Carretera General, S/N, 38812 Alajeró, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

General Phone: +34 91321 1000

Disabled Parking at La Gomera Airport

La Gomera Airport provides spacious parking lanes for disabled passengers. There are also meeting points within the airport premises for PWDs or PRMs needing special assistance. Wheelchairs, ramps, wide parking spaces, and other special facilities are available for those needing special aid.

Disabled travelers can take advantage of this service free of charge, depending on their ticket type or disability status. Still, it's advised that you contact your airline first before arranging assistance, as policies vary between carriers.

Passengers should contact their airline before their flight schedule if they require special assistance at the airport, as not all airline companies offer PWD service.

Parking Services at La Gomera Airport

La Gomera Airport is a great way to make sure you have access to transportation when you arrive. The airport offers short-term, long-term, and car rental parking options for travelers who need them. Short-term parking can be used for up to 30 minutes with no additional charge, while long-term parking is available at competitive rates.

For those looking for convenience or cost savings when traveling, the airport also provides a car rental service where customers can select from various types of cars and save money by renting one instead of buying one outright.

Additionally, La Gomera Airport has several designated disabled spaces located in each lot so that customers with disabilities can park more easily. Finally, there are plenty of cash machines near the terminal entrance and ticketing booths inside the terminal building where visitors can purchase their tickets before they depart.

Parking tips at La Gomera Airport

Parking your vehicle can be one of the most frustrating maneuvers while out on the road, but only if you are unaware of how to nail it the first time.

This guide shows you some parking tips when at La Gomera Airport.

  • Find a suitable space.

The parking space you choose must be ample enough for your car to fit in. Remember, cars are roughly 50% bigger than usual, so gauging the space between two vehicles can be challenging. Always use mirrors and be aware of the size of the markings and distance between the other two vehicles to determine whether your car will fit in there.

  • Check your mirrors.

Always check your mirrors when parking to see if there is an approaching vehicle from behind.

To do this, check your rearview mirror. Checking allows you to ensure it's safe to park before performing the maneuver.

Also, check your wing mirrors for blindspots, particularly the side where you will park.

  • Indicate where you are parking.

Whether it is a bay on the left or the right, once you have found the right spot and checked your mirrors, you need to tell those around you the direction you are parking in. This will signal that someone will overtake you before you pull in. However, you should still do a final mirror or blindspot check as a precaution to make sure it's still safe to turn into a parking space.

  • Position the car at a good angle.

A "good angle" for parking straight and within the designated space would allow you to fit in the first time of asking. However, some longer cars may need to reverse a little to allow the nose of the car enough room between the other two vehicles.

Once you can see the bottom of the car's rear bumper, you'll have enough room to steer clear of it and fit into the space.

Map of Car Parks at La Gomera Airport

Map of Car Parks at San Sebas De La Gomera