Gibraltar Airport (GIB)

Gibraltar International Airport, formerly known as North Front Airport (IATA: GIB), is a public, commercial landing facility that serves the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. The Ministry of Defense owns the aircraft landing strip for the Royal Air Force as RAF Gibraltar. At the same time, the civilian operators use the civilian-operated terminal. National Air Traffic Services holds the contract to provide air navigation services at the airport. The airport facility has an elevation of 15 feet or 5 meters Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL).

In 2017, the airport handled over 571,180 passengers and about 302,094 kilograms of cargo on more than 4,800 flights. Winston Churchill Avenue, the main road to the land border with Spain, crosses the airfield runway. Consequently, it has to be closed every time a plane lands or departs.

Most Extreme Airports, a history channel program, ranked Gibraltar Airport as the fifth most extreme and extraordinary airport in the globe, ahead of the now-inoperative Kai Tak Airport. The entire airport facility is exposed to intense wind breezes around the gigantic rock and across the Bay of Gibraltar, making landings during winter challenging.

Monarch Airlines was the largest operator in Gibraltar. The airline operates flights to Birmingham, London Gatwick, London Luton, and Manchester. Monarch entered administration on October 2, 2017, ceasing operations with immediate effect around a year after rumors of its imminent closure became widespread.

As of 2021, EasyJet is the major airline operator in Gibraltar. This time, the airport is also served by British Airways.

Despite being situated in Gibraltar, the airport is also utilized by people traversing to or from neighboring regions of southern Spain, such as the Campo de Gibraltar or the Costa del Sol.

Transfer Services at Gibraltar Airport

There are various transfer services at Gibraltar Airport. They offer taxis, buses, and car hire services for every passenger guest.

A short-stay parking area is also available adjacent to the airport's passenger terminal.

Rental Car Services at Gibraltar Airport

Car rental services, locally known as Car Hires, are easy and accessible at Gibraltar Airport.

There are two Car Hire companies offering their service to interested renters. However, the necessary documents are needed to rent one.

To hire a vehicle, the renter must be at least 21 and have held a driver's license for one year. However, drivers under 25 should pay the corresponding young driver's fee. Seatbelts are also mandatory, and child seats should be used for children up to 3 years old.

Rental rates vary depending on the renter's chosen vehicle.

See and compare all rental car companies at Gibraltar International Airport.

Taxi Services at Gibraltar Airport

Gibraltar Airport has a taxi stand located outside the passenger terminal building.

Radio taxi services are also available at the airport 24/7. To book one ahead of time, please contact GIB Taxi at +350 200 70027 or message them at

See more information about taxis at Gibraltar International Airport.

Train Services at Gibraltar Airport

There are no railway networks in Gibraltar. Therefore, we do not recommend this mode of transportation for travelers.

More information about train services near Gibraltar International Airport.

Bus Services at Gibraltar Airport

The bus is one of Gibraltar's public transportation. It gives commuters accessible transfer services whenever and wherever.

Gibraltar Airport is also served by public buses. Look for them outside the airport terminal building.

More information about buses to and from Gibraltar International Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Gibraltar Airport

Most of the hotels in Gibraltar offer shuttle services for their guests. However, travelers are advised to confirm their hotel booking and reserve a shuttle service for a hassle-free transfer.

Some hotels have a complimentary shuttle transfer, and others may offer it for an additional charge.

For more information, visit our hotel page.

Rideshare Services at Gibraltar Airport

Rideshare services are rare in Gibraltar. Therefore, we recommend to all travelers other transfer options such as taxis, buses, and car hire or car rental services.

Parking Services at Gibraltar Airport

Gibraltar Airport's car park is conveniently located in front of the terminal building. All vehicles are allowed to stay for a maximum of two hours.

Corresponding parking rates apply depending on the duration of stay at the facility.

See more information about short and long term parking at Gibraltar International Airport.

Other Services at Gibraltar Airport

Gibraltar International Airport offers extensive facilities for other services, such as prayer rooms, cash machines, retail shops, food hubs, and facilities for disabled passengers.

Please refer below to the list of other essential services at Gibraltar Airport.

Disabled Passengers at Gibraltar Airport

Disabled passenger guests of Gibraltar Airport may request special assistance during their flights.

When booking a flight ticket, passengers with special needs must inform their airlines, travel agency, or the airport of their exact needs and the nature of their disability. This will give the guest the proper aid and efficient service at the airport.

Gibraltar Airport staff wishes everyone an enjoyable and memorable journey through the airport terminal. Therefore, the administration has dedicated a team to ensure special assistance to every person with a disability.

For further information on the airport's special assistance, please call +350 200 12232.

WiFi at Gibraltar Airport

Gibraltar Airport gladly shares a complimentary WiFi service with each and every guest. Access the service through a smart device, such as a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet with built-in WiFi technology.

First, search for GIB_Public on the available WiFi network using your device.

Second, accept the terms and conditions as you open the browser on your device.

Third, enter the username and password as shown on the browser.

Baggage Claim at Gibraltar Airport

Checked-in luggage is to be reclaimed at the airport's Baggage Claim Area, where the baggage carousel is also situated. Look for it in the Arrivals Hall.

Information Desk at Gibraltar Airport

An information desk is ready to answer queries and assist guests of Gibraltar Airport. Look for it near the check-in counters.

Smoking at Gibraltar Airport

Smoking is strongly prohibited within the airport premises. Therefore, smoking areas are unavailable on-site.

Lost and Found Section at Gibraltar Airport

Persons concerned about lost and found items may approach or contact the airport's information desk at +350 200 12345 or email them at

The information desk is conveniently located at the passenger terminal on the right side next to the Check-in counters. It is open daily for all passenger guests.

Contact Gibair Handling at +350 200 11850 or email them at for items left on the aircraft.

Restrooms at Gibraltar Airport

Gibraltar Airport provides toilets for all its incoming and departing guests. One is located outside the terminal, near the check-in counters, near the baggage carousel, and at the cafeteria.

Nursing Mother Stations at Gibraltar Airport

Nursing or breastfeeding stations are unavailable at Gibraltar Airport. However, there are facilities for persons with special needs that mothers can utilize to cater to their infants.

ATMs at Gibraltar Airport

Getting cash at Gibraltar Airport is easy and hassle-free. Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) are available at the Arrival and Departure Halls.

Travelers are also encouraged to check with their banks before traveling to determine if they allow cash withdrawals to other countries.

Currency Exchange at Gibraltar Airport

The currency exchange counter is unavailable at Gibraltar Airport. Therefore, inbound and outbound travelers are advised to have their banknotes changed before their flight schedule to Gibraltar.

Food and Beverages at Gibraltar Airport

There are two food hubs inside the passenger terminal building of Gibraltar Airport. They are located at the airside and landside of the Departures Hall.

Shopping at Gibraltar Airport

Suppose you are one of those travelers who loves bringing souvenirs or gifts to your loved ones as you return home. In that case, you will find shops inside the terminal building of Gibraltar Airport for last-minute souvenir or gift shopping.

Pet Relief at Gibraltar Airport

Pet relief areas for traveling pets and service animals are unavailable in the airport. However, pet owners should refer to the guidelines provided by the airport administration for traveling animals.

For more details, please visit

Ticketing Service at Gibraltar Airport

Ticketing services are offered at Gibraltar Airport. To purchase one, look for your chosen airline carrier and approach its ticketing counter.

History of Gibraltar Airport

The airport was built during World War II upon the territory's race course, introduced by the Maltese when Gibraltar was a substantial naval base for the British. The airport was formerly known as North Front Airport.

The facility opened in 1939. This was the only emergency airfield for the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm. However, the runway was later expanded by reclaiming some land from the Bay of Gibraltar using rock blasted from the Rock of Gibraltar while working on military tunnels. This last significant runway extension allowed larger aircraft to land at Gibraltar.

The development of Gibraltar International Airport was affected by the conflict between the UK and Spain over the territory's airport. However, the 2006 tripartite agreement of Gibraltar, Spain, and the United Kingdom brought progress and more opportunities to the airport. The UK and Spain will jointly use the airport according to the agreement.

The old terminal, built in 1959, needed more significant expansion to handle the increasing number of passengers passing through the airport. It had limited facilities: ten check-in counters, one baggage carousel, a security gate, and two departure gates. Proposals for the construction of a new terminal building were therefore discussed.

Planning for the new passenger terminal was started in 2007, and construction was started in 2009. The first phase of the terminal building, which handles all the airport arrival operations, was completed in 2011.

The departure operations of the airport were still handled by the old terminal building until the completion of the second phase of construction. The complete new terminal building was opened to traffic in September 2012, and the old terminal was closed. The new airport covers 19,600 square meters of area.

The project also includes an apron extension, additional aircraft parking areas, new freight handling facilities, a dual carriageway, other customs facilities in the airport and at the border crossing, and an airport vehicle parking facility. A new access road between the city of Gibraltar, the boundary of Spain, and the airport terminal are also under construction.

About Gibraltar, United Kingdom

Gibraltar is a city and British Overseas Territory situated at the southern edge of the Iberian Peninsula. It has an area of about 2.6 square miles, nearing the borders to the north of Spain. The topography overlooks the Rock of Gibraltar, a densely populated town home to more than 32,000 people, mostly Gibraltarians.

In 1704, Anglo-Dutch forces seized Gibraltar from Spain during the Spanish War in the land. Through perpetual domination of the land, The territory was surrendered to Great Britain under the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713.

It became a substantial base for the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars and World War II. The wars regulated the narrow portal to and from the Mediterranean Sea, the Gibraltar Strait, only 14km. This endpoint remains strategically significant, with half the world's seaborne trade passing through it. Gibraltar's economy is primarily based on online gambling, tourism, bunkering, and financial services.

The superiority of Gibraltar is an issue regarding Anglo-Spanish relations, as Spain declares a claim to the territory. Gibraltarians overwhelmingly rejected proposals for Spanish authority in a 1967 referendum and transferred sovereignty in 2002. Nonetheless, Gibraltar retains its close economic and cultural connections with Spain, with multiple Gibraltarians speaking Spanish and a local slang known as Llanito.

On January 31, 2020, Gibraltar and the United Kingdom left the European Union. In December of the same year, the UK and Spain agreed on terms in which the UK and Europe might negotiate assignments for Gibraltar to participate in facets of the Schengen Agreement to enable border movements.

Weather in Gibraltar, United Kingdom

In Gibraltar, Summers are short, warm, humid, and clear. Meanwhile, the winters are long, cool, wet, windy, and partly cloudy. Over the year, the temperature usually varies from 11°C to 28°C and is rarely below 8°C or above 32°C.

Based on the beach or pool score, the ideal time of the year to visit Gibraltar for hot-weather activities starts from late June to early September.

However, the tourism score favors rainless, clear daytimes with estimated temperatures between 18°C and 27°C. The most suitable time of year to visit Gibraltar for some significant outdoor tourist activities is from late May to mid-September, with a peak score in the first week of July.

Useful Contact Details

When traveling in a foreign country, it is a must to take extra precautionary measures. In case of assistance, below are essential contact details in Gibraltar.

United Kingdom National Emergency Phone: 999 and 112

999 and 112 are two national emergency response hotlines in the UK. The 112 hotline is the European equivalent of 999, which can be used in the United Kingdom.


St. Bernard's Hospital

Address: Harbour Views Rd, Gibraltar GX11 1AA, Gibraltar

Phone: +350 200 79700

Police Station

Royal Gibraltar Police

Address: New Mole House Police Station, Rosia Road, Gibraltar

Emergency hotline: 199

Phone: +350 200 72500

Gibraltar Airport Contact

Address: British Lines Road, Gibraltar

General Phone: (+350) 200 12345

Lost and Found Phone: +350 200 12345

Information Desk: +350 200 12345

Official Website:

Local Information

Drive on: Left

Electricity: 240V/50Hz

Plug: G

Currency: British Pound sterling, GBP, £

WiFi at the Airport: The airport provides complimentary WiFi to all passengers.

Visitor Information - Gibraltar Airport

Airport Information

Address, contact details, lost and found, location map etc...

Airport Name
North Front
Time at Airport
Location Map
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No. of monthly flights
No. of countries served
Popular Airlines at GIB
  • VistaJet
  • easyJet
  • Air Charter Scotland
  • British Airways
Top Routes
  • London
  • Luton
  • Manchester
  • Vienna
  • Cat Island

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