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Getting to and from Gibraltar Airport (GIB)

Gibraltar Airport offers several ground transportation services for all its passenger guests.

Car Rentals, Taxis, Buses, and Hotel Shuttles have access to the airport and can pick up and drop off passengers.

Arriving and departing passengers are advised to secure their belongings before disembarkation or boarding the aircraft.

Rental Cars at Gibraltar Airport

Rental cars are one of the best options for traveling, especially when traveling with your family or having a group vacation with friends. Renting a car will make you comfortable and surely make your trip more fun and memorable.

The car hire service in Gibraltar is famous, especially for those who love to travel alone.

In Gibraltar Airport, there are two car hire companies available for service. See all rental car companies at Gibraltar International Airport.

To rent a vehicle, the renter must be at least 21 and have held a driver's license for one year. However, drivers under 25 should pay the corresponding young driver's fee. Seatbelts are also mandatory, and child seats should be used for children up to 3 years old.

Returning a rented vehicle to the airport is easy. Rental Car companies usually advise their clients where to return or park the rented vehicles unless they have agreed to return the car to a different location. That is why renters need to notify their agency before heading to the returning site.

Taxi Services at Gibraltar Airport

Gibraltar Airport is served by the quality and trusted taxi cabs in town. They are most accessible in town, especially outside massive and renowned places.

A taxi stand is located outside the passenger terminal building at Gibraltar Airport.

Radio taxi services are also available at the airport 24/7. To book one ahead of time, please contact GIB Taxi at +350 200 70027 or message them at

More information about taxis at Gibraltar International Airport.

Train Services at Gibraltar Airport

The train is the fastest transportation a traveler can take going to any point of destination, especially to far-flung areas. However, Gibraltar does not have a railroad network.

Therefore, we do not recommend this mode of transportation for travelers. Additional information about train services near Gibraltar International Airport.

Bus Services at Gibraltar Airport

Buses are among Gibraltar's modes of transportation. It gives commuters accessible transfer services whenever and wherever. Further information about buses to and from Gibraltar International Airport.

Bus service number 5 serves Gibraltar Airport. It stations at Gibraltar Market Place to Airport/Frontier. Meanwhile, the bus stop at Gibraltar Airport is located on Winston Churchill Avenue, just a two-minute walk from the passenger terminal building.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Gibraltar Airport

Most hotels in Gibraltar offer shuttle services for their guests. However, travelers must confirm their hotel booking and shuttle transfer before their scheduled flight.

Other hotels may provide a complimentary shuttle transfer. However, some offer it for an additional charge.

Travelers should always note that Hotel Shuttle Service fees may vary depending on their destination. Inquire about shuttle transfers at your hotel's front desk to compare the prices with other transport services.

For more information, visit our hotel page.

Rideshare Services at Gibraltar Airport

Gibraltar has only a limited transport system due to its compact size territory. One of the rare forms of transportation in the area is rideshare.

Rideshare vehicles are not famous in Gibraltar. Therefore, we advise travelers to take other transportation services, such as car hire, taxis, and buses.

Parking Services at Gibraltar Airport

Gibraltar Airport's parking area is directly opposite the passenger terminal building. All vehicles are allowed to stay for a maximum of two hours. Therefore, overnight parking is not permitted in the facility.

Corresponding parking rates apply depending on the duration of stay at the facility.

See more information about long and short-term parking at Gibraltar International Airport.

If you intend to travel around the area during your stay, it might be more economical to rent a car at Gibraltar Airport.

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