Jerez Airport Departures (XRY)

A practical and economical way to go about the area is to take one of the ground transportation choices going to Jerez Airport.

The most direct travel option to Jerez Airport is by taxi. Up to four passengers and their luggage can go in a taxi for roughly €125 to surrounding towns like Seville going to Jerez.

Buses frequently operate between Jerez Airport and other significant Spanish towns, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, and Zaragoza. They typically cost less than €30 per person per route. Moreover, shuttle services run out of the terminals, providing transportation to nearby lodging establishments or other locations like bus or train stops.

Several rental vehicle agencies provide their services at the terminals, giving travelers a flexible way to get around while visiting Spain. Every type of credit card is accepted. Additionally, you have the option to return the rented vehicle onsite.

Rental Car Services at Jerez Airport

Returning a car rental vehicle at Jerez Airport in Spain is straightforward. Following the car rental returns area signs when you arrive at the airport. Once in the designated area, locate your rental company's desk and present your documents to an attendant. The attendant will inspect the vehicle for any damage or wear that may have occurred during its use.

After signing any paperwork necessary to finalize the return of your vehicle, you can make your way into the terminal building, where you can collect any luggage and board your flight home. You've successfully returned a car rental vehicle in Spain with simple steps.

See all rental car companies at Jerez Airport.

Taxi Services at Jerez Airport

City charges apply to taxi services from the airport to Jerez de la Frontera. The written cost of the trip to or from the airport is provided. The inter-city rate applies to all other places. Make sure the driver begins the meter at the start of the journey.

The 15-minute trip from Jerez Airport to Jerez de la Frontera Station in a taxi will cost you €40. More information about taxis at Jerez Airport.

Train Services at Jerez Airport

The Renfe local train line C-1 also connects Puerto de Santa Mara, Puerto Real, and San Fernando to Cádiz, Jerez de la Frontera, and other places east and south of Baha de Cádiz, providing access to the airport.

The 15-minute trip from Jerez Airport to Jerez de la Frontera Station in a taxi would set you back roughly €40. Additional information about train services near Jerez Airport.

Bus Services at Jerez Airport

Direct links to Jerez de la Frontera and Cadiz are made via the M-050 highway, with scheduled stops at significant places in each city. Seven days a week, the service is offered.

Several locations are served by the Consorcio and the municipality in various fare zones. Depending on how many zones are traveled through, public transportation costs change.

Get the public bus from the Jerez Airport to enter Jerez for approximately €1.25 and to reach Cadiz for about €5.20. Further information about buses to and from Jerez Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Jerez Airport

Visitors who want to travel fast and safely from the airport to their hotel can use this service. The level of comfort and expense of the transportation services provided by the various shuttle companies varies. Most shuttles will pick up travelers at the arrivals area and transport them to their final destination.

Also, some hotels offer free shuttle services, saving guests money on transportation costs. To make your stay as convenient and comfortable as possible, ask about any shuttle services that might be offered when booking a hotel close to Jerez Airport.

Visit the hotel page on our website for additional details.

Rideshare Services at Jerez Airport

The perfect substitute for standard cab services is this one. They provide travelers convenience and cost savings while offering dependable and safe transportation from the airport to their final destination. Passenger vehicle options include sedans, SUVs, vans, and premium cars.

By entering their pick-up location and destination into the system, app users may quickly and easily discover the ideal ride. Riders can use the map feature to follow their driver's location and make plans while waiting at the pick-up location.

Parking Services at Jerez Airport

Travelers have a variety of alternatives for parking at the Jerez Airport in Spain, from short-term parking to long-term parking. You can reserve a slot at the airport easily online, ensuring your car is secure while you're away.

It's usually always looking out our website before making travel arrangements because they provide discounts on particular days or seasons of the year in addition to plain rates and packages. Suppose you need a quick means to move about the city after landing at Jerez Airport. In that case, there are also many economical free shuttle options available.

See more information about long and short-term parking at Jerez Airport.

Other Services at Jerez Airport

Additional passenger services and amenities at Jerez Airport include:

  • Vehicle rental and parking.
  • A duty-free shop.
  • A café.
  • Air conditioning in the terminal lounges and waiting spaces.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity.

For the convenience of its guests, Jerez Airport also features a medical facility and multiple ATMs. Airport safety equipment includes firefighting systems, improved security measures for baggage handling operations, and passenger check-in procedures. Also, various boutiques within the terminal building sell Andalusian-themed souvenirs and other merchandise.

Disabled Passengers at Jerez Airport

Jerez Airport's disabled passenger services support people with limited mobility. Assistance consists of wheelchair access, customized seating, and aid boarding. Disabled parking is also accessible near the main terminal building in designated spaces. It can be booked as a package when flights are booked online.

In addition, lifts are supplied from the parking lots to the terminal building so that customers who require a wheelchair or have trouble walking long distances do not have to go great distances. At Jerez Airport, disabled passengers will find personnel skilled and experienced in dealing with disability-related concerns, making passage through this busy airport easier and more comfortable than before.

Wi-Fi at Jerez Airport

Wi-Fi connectivity is accessible to both passengers and tourists at Jerez Airport. The connection is free and straightforward to access. Attach your device to the selected Wi-Fi network, input your email address, and you will be instantly connected.

Baggage Claim at Jerez Airport

At Jerez Airport, baggage claim areas are located on the ground floor of the Arrivals hall. As soon as all luggage has been retrieved, passengers may proceed to Customs, where they will be inspected before entering Spain.

Following clearing Customs, passengers should proceed to the Transportation Section to obtain information about available transit choices at Jerez Airport or to purchase tickets for onward travel.

Information Desk at Jerez Airport

The Information Desk at Jerez Airport is manned by courteous and knowledgeable individuals who can answer any of your inquiries regarding the airport, its services, and where to find anything else you may require.

They can assist you in locating ground transportation, checking in for flights, arranging baggage handling services, providing directions to any location of the airport terminal or parking lot, and answering other inquiries. The staff would gladly assist with any inquiries, such as hotel reservations and airport transportation.

Smoking at Jerez Airport

At Jerez Airport, smoking regulations have been implemented to limit the negative health consequences of secondhand smoke. The limitations apply to all interior public spaces, including pubs and restaurants. This includes a prohibition on smoking indoors and a requirement that smokers stand several meters away from building entrances when smoking outside.

Also, the airport offers designated outdoor smoking places where passengers can peacefully smoke. These areas are clearly identified with signs and monitored by security personnel to ensure that smoking is prohibited inside or near entrances. In addition, ashtrays have been installed in certain areas so that smokers can dispose of their cigarette remains without polluting the airport's floors or pathways.

Lost and Found Section at Jerez Airport

The Lost and Found section provides assistance for lost items left at Jerez Airport or aboard a flight. All claims filed by passengers who lost an item during their journey or stayed at Jerez Airport will be thoroughly investigated.

Their knowledgeable customer care agents can provide more information regarding what happened to your property, such as whether it was reported stolen or lost somewhere on airport grounds. In addition, they can recommend the best course of action should this occur again during future trips with us at Jerez Airport.

Restrooms at Jerez Airport

In general, the restrooms at Jerez Airport are clean and well-stocked. The facilities have recently been updated with new fixtures, tiling, and adequate space for travelers to freshen up before their flights. Additionally, each restroom has a paper towel, hand dryers, and soap dispensers, allowing passengers to feel clean and refreshed before boarding their flight. All restrooms provide baby-changing facilities as an added convenience for parents traveling with young children.

Nursing Mothers Station at Jerez Airport

The station allows women to care for their children without sacrificing travel plans or compromising convenience or safety. It is outfitted with comfy chairs, dimmable lighting, private curtains, and hot and cold water taps to provide nursing moms with the solitude they require when caring for their infants away from home.

This station ensures that tourists will always have access to a clean environment by maintaining a hygienic ambiance with the help of devoted employees. In addition to providing comfort for nursing moms, Jerez Airport provides other services, such as complimentary Wi-Fi in select terminal areas, so travelers may remain connected while on the go.

ATMs at Jerez Airport

ATMs are easily accessible in the airport's Arrivals and Departures areas. Always retain your receipt when you withdraw money from an ATM at the airport. It will indicate which account was used and whether any costs were incurred.

Before flying abroad, you should tell your bank of your trip so that they do not correlate international transactions with your account and freeze it for security purposes.

Currency Exchange at Jerez Airport

This service is accessible via ATMs and currency exchange counters. These businesses offer a handy method for travelers to convert their home currency into Euros or other local currencies. ATMs at Jerez Airport make it simple for passengers to withdraw cash from their checking accounts without incurring conversion costs or standing in long lineups at banks or other financial institutions.

Currency exchange desks also offer competitive exchange rates for foreign currencies, allowing tourists to easily obtain the most value while exchanging money. Both solutions provide assurance that passengers will have access to funds abroad.

Food and Beverages at Jerez Airport

There are a few options for dining before or after your trip. Tapas, sandwiches, salads, and other foods created with local products are included on the menu. Coffee, croissants, and light snacks are available for a lighter meal on the go. You can locate duty-free fashion accessories and perfumes if you need to purchase supplies for your return journey or gifts for friends back home.

Shopping at Jerez Airport

The duty-free shop in the departure lounge provides travelers with an extensive selection of products from internationally recognized brands at low prices. In addition, several smaller shops at the airport provide souvenirs and local specialties that can be sent home as gifts or eaten on the return journey.

Pet Relief at Jerez Airport

This area offers guests a quick and comfortable method to care for their companion animals. It includes places furnished with pet beds and water bowls. There are also trash cans provided for waste disposal. For added convenience, this location offers a dog walking portion with grassy grounds, so pet owners may exercise their canine companions without leaving the premises.

Ticketing Services at Jerez Airport

Passenger ticketing services at Jerez Airport have been streamlined by installing self-service kiosks. With these kiosks, passengers may now check-in for flights, acquire boarding cards, and print luggage tags. This eliminates the need to wait long lines for ticketing services at conventional counters, thus lowering waiting time and enhancing efficiency.

Additionally, the airport has several other modern amenities, including an automated baggage system that allows passengers to quickly drop off their bags, digital signage boards that provide real-time information about flight arrivals/departures, and free Wi-Fi access throughout the terminal building. In addition, passenger lounges provide a relaxing setting for those waiting for flights or making connections.

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