Sevilla Airport (SVQ)

The airport of Seville (IATA code: SVQ; Spanish: Aeropuerto de Sevilla) is the primary airport serving the provinces of Western Andalusia in southern Spain. More than 40 European and Northern African cities are accessible via direct flights from there. It is a hub for the budget airlines Vueling and Ryanair.

Seville Airport (or Sevilla) also called San Pablo Airport, is located about 10 kilometers east of central Seville and about 110 kilometers northeast of Costa de la Luz. It replaced the older Tablada Aerodrome, primarily as a military airport until 1990.

Transfer Services at Sevilla Airport

The airport's ground transportation options are extensive and reasonably priced in Seville. The airport is connected to the rest of the city, the suburbs, and the province of Seville via bus. At the terminal's main entrance, taxis are available at all hours. They may be more expensive than other available modes of transportation.

A car rental is another viable alternative if you want to go further afield during your trip. The airport is located near several automobile rental agencies that offer affordable daily, weekly, and monthly prices.

Rental Car Services at Sevilla Airport

A wide range of vehicles is available, from economy cars to high-end limousines, to meet your every transportation demand. Also, automobile rentals at Sevilla Airport are typically less expensive than hiring a taxi or private driver.

In no time, you'll be able to locate the ideal rental automobile, whether searching for a huge passenger van or a compact car for a solo trip. And since most car rental agencies provide extras like GPS and roadside support, you can relax and enjoy your vacation without worrying about anything.

See and compare all rental car companies at Seville Airport.

Taxi Services at Sevilla Airport

To get most places within Sevilla proper should cost between €20 and €35, as set by the city government. The fastest way to reach the heart of Seville is by taxi, which will take about 15 minutes. The taxi stop is situated just beside the terminal. See more information about taxis at Seville Airport.

Train Services at Sevilla Airport

The Seville Airport Express's Urban Transport Line runs directly between the airport and the Plaza de Armas bus terminal in the city's heart. It stops at strategic points across town, including the Santa Justa AVE Train Station. The whole journey usually takes around half an hour. Having left at 04:30 AM, the last bus leaves at 12:45 AM. More information about train services near Seville Airport.

Bus Services at Sevilla Airport

Santa Justa Station and the Seville Airport are on the same bus line (Line EA) for quick and easy transfers (AVE train station). It takes about 35 minutes to get there. The airport bus station is located right outside the terminal. More information about buses to and from Seville Airport.

Santa Justa Station, Near the Airport in Santa Justa, Spain (AVE train station) - Plaza de Armas - Paseo Colón - where the Torre del Oro is located - Avenida Carlos V (Jardines del Prado) - Metro San Bernado / RENFE (bus station).

Hotel Shuttle Services at Sevilla Airport

Shuttles are waiting to take passengers from the airport terminals to their respective hotels in and around Seville. Depending on your preference, you can either book the services in advance online or upon arrival at the airport.

Shuttles are a great alternative to public transportation for commuting to and from Sevilla Airport, which can get busy and uncomfortable during peak times. Travelers must find out the shuttle's schedule and availability before making reservations.

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Rideshare Services at Sevilla Airport

Popular alternatives to taxis in big cities include ridesharing services like Uber and Cabify. Any traveler can find the required transportation, be it a cab, an Uber, or an airport shuttle. Taxis are convenient and versatile because they can pick up passengers at the airport terminal without making any further stops.

Shuttle service may be the most cost-effective option if you take a large group to the airport. Furthermore, Uber is your best bet on your own and in a pinch for a reliable ride. Getting a ride in Sevilla is a breeze, day or night, thanks to the proliferation of ridesharing apps.

Parking Services at Sevilla Airport

Sevilla Airport's long- and short-term lots provide easy parking for your trip. For a small price, you can park for up to 30 minutes. It's ideal for short travels or picking up and dropping off guests. At Sevilla Airport, you can find long-term parking at excellent rates for several months or more visits.

Your vehicle will be safe in our care thanks to the 24-hour surveillance we provide. In addition, you can reserve a spot in advance via the website, so a position will always be waiting for you.

See more information about short and long term parking at Seville Airport.

Other Services at Sevilla Airport

Other passenger services and amenities at Sevilla Airport include a variety of shops, restaurants, cafes, and stores offering a wide range of products. There is also an information desk in the arrivals hall where travelers can get assistance with their queries.

Other amenities at Sevilla Airport include free Wi-Fi access throughout the terminal building, an extensive selection of ATMs, currency exchange services, and banks near the check-in desk. There is also a business center with photocopying services. You can relax in one of the comfortable seating areas while waiting for your flight departure time.

Additionally, there are lounges for business-class passengers and disabled access facilities to ensure everyone has a comfortable journey through the airport. Furthermore, car rental services are available at the airport should you need transportation when you reach your destination.

Disabled Passengers at Sevilla Airport

Wheelchair assistance is available upon request, with staff able to provide assistance right up to the aircraft door if required. There are designated parking spaces for disabled passengers close to terminals and a drop-off/pick-up area outside departures.

All public areas of Sevilla Airport have been adapted for wheelchairs and motorized scooters with ramps, wide pathways, and non-slip flooring, allowing easy access throughout the airport buildings.

Wi-Fi at Sevilla Airport

Wi-Fi connectivity at Sevilla Airport allows travelers to access the internet around the terminal. This makes it easy for passengers to stay connected and updated on their journey, whether checking flight times or sending emails.

A free Wi-Fi service is available at most of the airport's restaurants, bars, and shops, making it even more convenient for travelers needing a quick connection.

To take advantage of this service, passengers must connect to the available network within range and enter basic information such as their name and email address.

Baggage Claim at Sevilla Airport

The section provides a modern and efficient system with multiple carousels to collect your bags quickly. All passengers should double-check their luggage tags before collecting their belongings to ensure they receive the correct item. In addition, staff are on hand throughout the airport, offering guidance and assistance as needed.

Information Desk at Sevilla Airport

Information desk kiosks at Sevilla Airport in Spain give travelers a quick and easy way to get their needed information. The kiosks are equipped with innovative technology that allows passengers to access airport services, flight schedules, directions, nearby attractions, and more.

Additionally, the kiosks have been designed with multilingual capabilities so that all visitors can benefit from them regardless of language barriers. With these helpful kiosks at Sevilla Airport, travelers can feel secure knowing there is a reliable source of information available anytime they need it.

Smoking at Sevilla Airport

Smoking restrictions at Sevilla Airport are strictly enforced. No smoking is allowed anywhere in the terminal building, including restaurants and restrooms. Passengers may smoke in designated areas outside the main entrance of the airport. All smokers must always remain at least three meters away from other people while smoking.

Electronic cigarettes and vaping devices are prohibited inside Sevilla Airport; they can only be used in designated outdoor areas. In addition to these restrictions, it is important to remember that taking any form of tobacco or related products on flights is absolutely forbidden by Spanish law.

Passengers should never attempt to bring cigarettes onto a plane departing from Sevilla Airport. Doing so could result in serious fines or even imprisonment if caught by security officers.

Lost and Found Section at Sevilla Airport

Suppose a passenger loses an item during their journey to or from Sevilla Airport. In that case, they can fill out a form online with details about the lost item and contact information so that airport staff can reach them if it is found. Alternatively, passengers can report their loss directly to any Lost & Found counters within each terminal.

Restrooms at Sevilla Airport

The airport restrooms are always kept clean, with regular maintenance scheduled throughout the day to ensure that everything stays in tip-top shape for travelers. In addition, service booths offer basic supplies such as toiletries, paper towels, garbage bags, and more.

Finally, if you are a disabled passenger and need assistance or have any questions regarding using the facilities at Sevilla Airport, simply ask one of our friendly staff members, who will be glad to help.

Nursing Mothers Station at Sevilla Airport

The airport offers a safe and comfortable place for mothers to express milk, change babies' diapers, or take a break from their travels. The station has spacious rooms where moms can relax without feeling rushed. Each room provides chairs, changing tables for convenience, and electrical outlets in case you need breast pumps.

In addition to all these amenities, the nursing mothers' station at Sevilla Airport also features a complimentary baby-changing area and restroom facilities with convenient hand washing stations located nearby for added hygiene benefits.

ATMs at Sevilla Airport

Services, including cash withdrawals, are available at the airport. Passengers can also use their cards to make payments for car rentals or purchase travel tickets at the airport. In addition, ATMs provide travelers with access to local maps and information about events in the area. They are available 24 hours a day.

Currency Exchange at Sevilla Airport

Visitors to Spain can buy Euros, US Dollars, British Pounds, and other popular global currencies. Currency exchange services at the airport also offer competitive rates that can be compared with those found in banks and other financial institutions.

Travelers who have leftover currency from their trip will be able to use the same service to convert it back into their native currency in a convenient manner. In addition, Sevilla Airport provides its customers with an ATM for withdrawing local cash and free Wi-Fi throughout the terminal building to stay connected on the go.

Food and Beverages at Sevilla Airport

Food and beverage options at Sevilla Airport are plentiful, with various restaurants, cafes, and bars. Food options range from traditional Spanish tapas and seafood dishes to international cuisines. For those who need a quick bite before catching their flight, there is an abundant selection of fast food like burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches.

The airport boasts multiple coffee shops for travelers looking for something warm or cold to sip on during the layover. Alcoholic beverages can be found at several bars throughout the terminal building. An outdoor terrace offers stunning views over the runway, allowing visitors to enjoy a refreshing drink between flights.

Shopping at Sevilla Airport

The airport has a wide range of stores for travelers, including duty-free shops, convenience stores, fashion outlets, and souvenir merchants. You'll also find plenty of restaurants at the airport that serve traditional Spanish fare and international cuisines.

Pet Relief at Sevilla Airport

These areas feature soft surfaces and artificial turf so pets can easily rest or play on long layovers. There is also an outdoor area with benches where owners can relax while their pets roam freely.

Pet relief areas offer clean litter boxes for cats, designated spaces for dogs to do their business privately, and waste-disposal bags/containers that are provided at no cost.

For added safety, all pet relief areas have dedicated staff who enforce rules such as keeping the animals leashed and watching them when outside the designated area.

Ticketing Services at Sevilla Airport

Passengers can purchase tickets online or at the airport ticket counter, with regular and discounted fare options available. The airport also offers a variety of flights to destinations within Spain.

Whether planning a trip abroad or just visiting friends in another part of Spain, traveling through Sevilla Airport is an enjoyable experience that will leave its mark on your memories for years.

History of Sevilla Airport

Tablada's improvised airport, prepared for an air festival the year before, welcomed the first plane to land between the peninsula and Morocco in 1914. After this, the city government of Seville gave the Military Aeronautical Society a piece of land measuring to use as an airport. Construction of the airport started in 1915, and by 1916 it was being used for pilot and observer training.

Commercial flights between Seville and Madrid began that year, 1919. After a year of planning, the first regular air mail service between Seville and Larache took flight in 1899. The Spanish established the first regular commercial service between Seville and Larache in 1921. Hangars, workshops, and other buildings were all made available to the public in 1923. The plan to build a public airport on the part of the military aerodrome airfield in Tablada was approved.

Starting in April 1927, flights between Madrid and Seville, and Lisbon were offered by the Spanish airline Unión Aérea. The plan for the airport in Seville was given the green light in February 1929. The Tablada Airport started accepting flights and air traffic in March. Upon completion of the proposed airport, it was decided that this service would be terminated.

The first flight took off in 1929 from Madrid to Seville, and by 1930, service had been expanded to the Canary Islands. Berlin-Barcelona service was expanded to include Seville in February 1931. LAPE began its service between Seville and the Canary Islands in December 1933.

Seville was a major port of entry for African troops during the Spanish Civil War. In addition, Iberia provided air travel services, operating routes between Tetuán and Seville, Seville and Vittoria, Seville and Salamanca, and Seville and Larache and Las Palmas.

About Seville, Spain

Seville (Sevilla in Spanish) is the provincial capital and largest city in Spain's Andalusia region. It is in the southwestern Iberian Peninsula and sits on the Guadalquivir River's lower reaches.

As of 2021, the municipal population of Seville is estimated to be around 685,000, with the metropolitan population reaching around 1.5 million. The Alcázar palace complex, the Cathedral, and the General Archive of the Indies are all located in the city's 4 square kilometers old town, on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Seville harbor is Spain's only river port, and it's only about 80 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean.

Hespalis, the Roman name for present-day Seville, was the original name. After the Islamic conquest in 711, Seville was renamed Ishbiliyah. After the Caliphate of Córdoba collapsed in the early 11th century, Seville became the center of the independent Taifa of Seville. It was ruled by the Almoravids and the Almohads until it was incorporated into the Crown of Castile in 1248.

Seville became one of Western Europe's largest cities in the 16th century due to its position as the Casa de Contratación, the administrative hub for the Spanish Empire's transatlantic trade. Since the trade monopoly had to move to the nearby port of Cádiz due to silting in the Guadalquivir, the city's economy and population gradually declined to begin in the 17th century, coinciding with the Baroque period.

Seville was chosen as the capital of the Andalusian Autonomous Community at the turn of the 20th century, a time that saw the city go through the hardships of the Spanish Civil War and host cultural landmarks like the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929 and Expo '92.

Weather in Seville, Spain

Summers in Sevilla are brief, hot, and arid, while winters are cold and partly cloudy. Temperatures rarely drop below 34 degrees Fahrenheit or rise above 105 degrees Fahrenheit over a year.

Sevilla is at its warmest and most pleasant for outdoor activities between early June and mid-September. Averaging above 89 degrees Fahrenheit, the hot season lasts three months, from June to September. July has the highest average temperature at 96°F and the lowest average temperature at 67°F.

For nearly 4 months, from November through March, the average daily high temperature is below 68 degrees Fahrenheit. January is the coldest month, with an average low of 43 degrees Fahrenheit and a high of 61 degrees Fahrenheit.

During the wetter season, precipitation occurs on an average of six days from September to May. The wettest days are in December. May through September is the dry season, with the driest days on average being less than a day in July. It rains on average for 6 days straight in Sevilla during December.

Useful Contact Details in Sevilla, Spain

In a police or medical emergency in Sevilla, Spain, dial 112 to reach the emergency services. This is the universal telephone number for emergencies in Europe and can be used to contact police and medical personnel. Once connected with an operator, clearly explain the nature of your emergency so they can quickly dispatch the help you need.

To ensure help arrives as soon as possible, provide your location and any other pertinent details about your situation. If traveling outside of major cities or tourist areas, having a map on hand may be beneficial to give clear directions regarding where you are located.


Hospital Cruz Roja Sevilla

Address: Av. de la Cruz Roja, 1, 41009 Sevilla, Spain

Phone: +34 954 35 14 00


Policia Local Distrito Casco Antiguo

Address: C. Crédito, 11, 41002 Sevilla, Spain

Phone: +34 955 47 10 19

Sevilla Airport Contacts

Address: A-4, Km. 532, 41020 Sevilla, Spain

General Phone: +34 954 44 90 00

Lost and Found Phone: +34 954 44 90 00

Information Desk Phone: +34 954 44 90 00

Official Website:

Local Information

Drive on: Right

Electricity: 230V/50Hz

Plug: F

Currency: Euro

Wi-Fi at Airport: Free Wi-Fi is available at Sevilla Airport

Visitor Information - Sevilla Airport

Airport Information

Address, contact details, lost and found, location map etc...

Airport Name
San Pablo
Time at Airport
Phone Number
+34 954 44 90 00
Email address
Lost & Found Services
+34 954 449 214
Airport Address
A-4, Km. 532, 41020 Sevilla, Spain
Location Map
Map of SVQ Airport
Drive on the Right
Electricity / Voltage
Electric Outlet Adapter
No. of monthly flights
No. of countries served
Popular Airlines at SVQ
  • Ryanair
  • Vueling
  • Initium Aviation
  • Transavia
  • Volotea
Top Routes
  • Paris
  • Amsterdam
  • Barcelona
  • Palma Mallorca
  • Madrid

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Airport Distance Useful Links
77.94 km / 48.43 miles
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  • Free Cancellations
  • No Card Fees
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