La Coruna Airport (LCG)

The airport serving the Galician city of A Coruna (or La Coruna) in northwest Spain is La Coruna Airport (IATA: LCG), formerly known as Alvedro Airport. It's about a 7-kilometer trip from the city center to the airport, which is in the municipality of Culleredo. It is run by Aena, a government-owned company in Spain in charge of airports like this one. Ferronats handles air traffic control services.

Transfer Services at La Coruna Airport

Ground transportation options are available at La Coruna Airport in Spain, allowing travelers to get around quickly and easily. There are a variety of buses, taxis, and shuttle services that can take passengers into town or to other nearby destinations.

Bus lines run regularly from the airport to La Coruna city center daily. Taxis are also available outside the airport terminal and offer convenient transportation for those wishing to travel short distances. For those traveling farther away, many car rental companies within the airport grounds provide affordable car hire options for visitors who prefer self-drive transport.

A railway station is also located close by, providing direct connections to major regional areas. All these ground transportation options make it easy for travelers at La Coruna Airport to arrive at their destination on time and in comfort.

Rental Car Services at La Coruna Airport

Rental car services at La Coruna Airport in Spain are plentiful and convenient. Many major rental car companies, such as Hertz, Avis, Sixt, and Europcar, have offices onsite at the airport. In addition to these companies, numerous local businesses are offering competitive rates for car rentals.

Whether you need a large van or a small compact vehicle, La Coruna Airport has an excellent selection of vehicles, with unbeatable prices and great customer service. With so many options available, you can be sure to find the perfect vehicle for your needs and budget in no time.

From luxury cars to economy models - La Coruna Airport's rental car services ensure that everyone can enjoy their trip.

See and compare all rental car companies at La Coruna Airport.

Taxi Services at La Coruna Airport

There is no flat rate for taxi rides from the airport in A Coruna. If there is no taximeter, the fare will be determined by the rate per kilometer driven. The extras will be added to these totals.

Taking a taxi from A Coruna to the airport, or vice versa will cost you around €20, with the mandatory airport surcharge of €3.60 added on top. See more information about taxis at La Coruna Airport.

Train Services at La Coruna Airport

The trip from A Coruna (Railway Station) to La Coruna Airport (LCG) takes around 10 minutes and costs €17 to €21 by taxi.

A Coruna train station, also known as A Coruna -San Cristovo, is located in the Spanish city of A Coruna. The station is in Os Mallos-Estación, accessible via bus, and located on Avenida do Ferrocarril near Rolda de Outeiro. More information about train services near La Coruna Airport.

Bus Services at La Coruna Airport

Buses from the airport stop at Puerta Real, Marina (Casino), Plaza de Orense, Avenida A. Molina (petrol station 1, Carrefour, petrol station 2, Zapateira, Coca Cola), Alcampo, Portazgo, Corveira, and Vilaboa en route to the airport from A Coruna (Hospital Abente and Lago) (church, pharmacy, savings bank, Casa Cultura, florists). More information about buses to and from La Coruna Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at La Coruna Airport

Hotel shuttle service offers convenient and economical transportation options to visitors. Guests can book a shuttle service directly from the airport or in advance through their hotel. The shuttles are typically large vans that can seat up to 8 passengers with plenty of luggage room.

During peak times, there may be long queues for boarding. Still, the drivers are friendly and efficient, ensuring you get to your destination quickly and safely. Once at the hotel, guests can easily access La Coruna's attractions, restaurants, shopping centers, and nightlife venues.

Please browse our hotel page for more details.

Rideshare Services at La Coruna Airport

These services' convenience, affordability, and reliability make them an attractive option for many travelers. Passengers can book their ride in advance or arrange it on the spot, depending on their preferences.

Most rideshare services offer both standard and luxury vehicles with professional drivers trained to provide passengers safe and comfortable transportation experiences. Additionally, the rates are typically much lower than traditional taxi companies, making them even more appealing for budget-conscious travelers.

Parking Services at La Coruna Airport

La Coruna Airport parking is easy and convenient. There are short-term, medium-term, and long-term parking options available at the airport. These areas feature large spaces monitored by CCTV cameras for extra safety assurance.

The prices vary depending on how long you stay parked there - hourly rates start from €2 for cars; however, if you need more than two weeks' worth of parking, then it's best to opt for a monthly rate starting from €50 per month.

See more information about short and long term parking at La Coruna Airport.

Other Services at La Coruna Airport

Other passenger services and amenities at La Coruna Airport include a VIP Lounge, duty-free shopping, and a wide variety of restaurants and cafes. The airport also offers travelers the opportunity to rent cars onsite. Visitors can find ATMs in both the arrivals hall and departures area.

Additionally, the airport provides free wireless internet access throughout the terminal so passengers can stay connected while they wait for their flight. A travel information desk is located at the terminal's entrance. Visitors can get assistance with any questions about traveling through or around the airport.

Disabled Passengers at La Coruna Airport

Accessible facilities are available for those who require special assistance with their journey. Any passengers requiring such support should contact the airport well before their flight to ensure their needs will be met. The airport's helpful staff team can provide wheelchair access, escort services, and help with luggage throughout the terminal.

Dedicated lifts or ramps are installed on all planes operating at La Coruna Airport to make board and disembarking aircraft easier. For extra convenience, a range of parking spaces designated for disabled people is also available close to the main entrance.

Passengers who need additional assistance beyond what they can receive from the airport personnel may request this through airline companies directly before flying so that any necessary arrangements can be made before departure day arrives.

Wi-Fi at La Coruna Airport

Wireless internet services connect passengers to the internet for free. The connection is secure and allows users to browse the web, check emails, and use social media sites. You only need a laptop or mobile device with Wi-Fi capabilities to access the network.

Once connected, travelers can enjoy quick and easy access to all their favorite websites without worrying about roaming charges or long-distance phone bills.

Baggage Claim at La Coruna Airport

This section is on the arrivals level of both terminals. Passengers should collect their baggage from the carousels indicated on the flight information screens or ask a staff member for assistance if needed.

Security procedures are always in place, so please ensure you have your passport while collecting your bags. There are also plenty of customer service desks where travelers can find out more about their journey and any other details they need.

Information Desk at La Coruna Airport

This section is available to help travelers with any questions or concerns. From check-in and baggage assistance to providing directions around the airport and helpful advice on local attractions, the dedicated information desk staff are always happy to lend a hand.

They can also provide maps of La Coruna Airport to ensure visitors stay aware of its sprawling concourses. For those needing extra guidance on their travels, whether it's a recommendation for a great restaurant or just an explanation about how best to use public transportation in the city center, someone at the Information Desk can offer helpful advice.

Smoking at La Coruna Airport

This is strictly regulated by the Spanish government. Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas, which are clearly marked on airport maps. La Coruna Airport has no indoor or outdoor seating areas where smokers can enjoy a cigarette. Additionally, passengers are advised to check with their airline before their flight to confirm whether they may bring onboard cigarettes or other tobacco products.

The Spanish government has also banned electronic cigarettes and vaping devices within the premises of La Coruna Airport, including all terminals and public areas inside the facility. Passengers who wish to use such devices while at the airport must do so outside its perimeter or find an alternative means of transportation that permits it.

Furthermore, travelers should always remember that these regulations apply even when transferring between flights at La Coruna Airport; it is illegal for anyone on the premises of this facility to smoke tobacco-based products or use e-cigarettes/vaporizers regardless of their final destination.

Lost and Found Section at La Coruna Airport

The airport has a strict policy regarding lost items, so please ensure you keep all your belongings secure while traveling. If you have lost any item inside the terminal building or on board an aircraft, please report it to La Coruna Airport staff as soon as possible.

If any item is found within the terminal building and its vicinity, passengers who have reported their lost items will be contacted for further details about collection and return procedures. The Lost and Found Team will also provide necessary assistance in cases where no need for personal identification has been established.

If you lose any valuable documents, such as passports or ID cards, during your flight experience at La Coruna Airport, please inform airport security immediately before leaving the premises so that necessary arrangements can be made for their safekeeping until they are returned back to you safely.

Restrooms at La Coruna Airport

The airport offers hand-washing sinks, toilet seats, and paper towels for passengers to use during their stay. Its restrooms are regularly cleaned and kept in neat condition, so they are always ready for travelers. The floors of the bathrooms at La Coruna Airport are usually lined with tiles, making it easier to clean and maintain hygiene standards throughout the day.

Furthermore, there is an ample supply of toiletries such as soap, lotion, tissues, and other essentials that passengers can use while they wait in the airport. These facilities help ensure that all travelers have access to basic needs while spending time at this wonderful Spanish airport.

Nursing Mothers Station at La Coruna Airport

This area offers new mothers the chance to feed their babies in a peaceful and comfortable environment. The lounge on the arrivals mezzanine level allows women to breastfeed or bottle-feed their infants while enjoying complimentary snacks and drinks.

Several nursing chairs are available with footrests, arm supports for extra comfort, and separate changing tables equipped with all necessary supplies, including diapers, wipes, and creams. This free service makes it easy for mothers traveling through the airport to provide much-needed nourishment for their little ones without hassle or stress.

ATMs at La Coruna Airport

Automated Teller Machines at this airport provide a range of services to customers, including cash withdrawal and balance checks. Passengers can also use the ATMs to pay parking fees, top up their travel cards or even make international money transfers. All transactions are secure and convenient, with no extra charges applied.

Furthermore, they provide access to multiple currencies so passengers can acquire foreign currency on the go and exchange coins for notes when necessary. With ATMs located throughout the terminal building, La Coruna Airport is committed to making its customer's banking needs easier and more efficient than ever before.

Currency Exchange at La Coruna Airport

This airport offers a range of currencies, including euros and US dollars, as well as more currencies, such as Chinese yuan and Russian rubles. Rates are competitive compared to other currency exchange services in La Coruna. You can pay either cash or with your credit/debit card.

As an added convenience, there is also an ATM inside the terminal where you can withdraw euros from any major bank account in Spain or abroad if you have a valid international debit/credit card. Withdrawals come with no additional fees but remember to check with your bank for their separate charges before using this service.

Food and Beverages at La Coruna Airport

Several bars and restaurants are located throughout the airport, including options such as fast food outlets. For something more substantial, there is a food court with various international cuisines available.

If you prefer something light or need to grab a snack, then there are also plenty of vending machines dotted around with snacks such as chips and candy bars. In addition, there is also an extensive range of beverages available from the airport's many vending machines ranging from soft drinks to beers and spirits.

Shopping at La Coruna Airport

From electronics to fashion, there is something for everyone. For the traveler looking for convenience, La Coruna Airport offers a wide selection of well-known retail stores and boutiques conveniently located within the airport terminal. Additionally, travelers can find duty-free shopping options within the terminal building and nearby cafés and restaurants offering delicious food to satisfy any craving during travel.

La Coruna Airport has everything, whether you are searching for gifts for friends or family back home, souvenirs to remember your trip, or just some last-minute items before jetting off on your journey.

Pet Relief at La Coruna Airport

This airport provides great service for travelers accompanied by their four-legged friends. The areas, marked with signs and located at the entrance of each terminal, provide shelter from the elements and a shaded area for pets to rest in during their stay. Inside the pet relief area, owners will find designated benches where they can sit while attending to their pet's needs.

An open grassy space also serves as an ideal spot for dogs to take care of business outdoors. Sanitation bags are free of charge, so owners can pick up after their furry friend quickly and easily.

Ticketing Services at La Coruna Airport

The airport has installed automated ticket kiosks allowing passengers to print out their boarding passes without waiting in line at a service desk. The airport's online services enable travelers to check in and purchase tickets from home or on their mobile devices.

By offering these convenient features, La Coruna Airport is making air travel more accessible and efficient for its valued customers. This state-of-the-art technology lets travelers know flight schedules and other pertinent information before they even arrive at the airport, saving them time and hassle when it comes time to board the plane.

History of La Coruna Airport

The Spanish Council of Ministers issued an urgent order to build A Coruna Airport on September 11, 1953. Due to the region's hilly topography and adverse weather conditions, this airport was the first to serve the area. At the time, the only air service to the province of Galicia was through the Lavacolla Airport in Santiago de Compostela, which opened in 1935.

Alvedro meseta in Culleredo was the site of the world's first airport. A terminal and parking structures were added to the airfield after initially being designed to be much sparser. In 1961, authorities set up radio and electrical monitoring stations. Landing lights and other signals were installed on the runway, and a terminal building was built in 1962.

Simultaneously, the legislature mandated building a road linking the airport to La Coruna and Santiago de Compostela. To better serve passengers, an airport services building was constructed in 1963. When work was finally done on the airport in May of 1963, it opened to commercial flights across the country. The first commercial airliner landed at the airport from Madrid on May 25, 1963, marking its official opening.

In 1964, Aviaco flew Convair 440s along a route from Vigo to A Coruna to Santander to San Sebastián to Barcelona. After a year of operation, the route was scrapped due to poor customer reception and low profits. A similar, brief attempt in 1971 also failed.

By the late 1960s, the airport saw charter flights from London and Switzerland. Starting in 1979, customs operations were made available, and by 1990, air traffic control was installed.

About La Coruna, Spain

Spain's city and municipality of La Coruna are located in the region of Galicia. Galicia's the largest city, the second-most populous municipality in the autonomous community, and one of the most populous municipalities in Spain.

Located in the province of the same name, the city was the political capital of the Kingdom of Galicia from the 16th to the 19th centuries and the regional administrative center from 1833 to 1982, when Santiago de Compostela took over those duties.

The city is the administrative center of the Universidade da Coruna and the main industrial and financial hub of northern Galicia. In modern times, La Coruna has become the economic center and wealthiest area of Galicia. Recent decades have brought about several structural changes to the city; for example, it collaborates with neighboring Ferrol on several administrative fronts.

Especially in the sectors of finance, communication, planning, sales, manufacturing, and technical services, businesses have flourished, making this Galicia metropolis one of the most prosperous in the country. Unloading fresh fish is a major activity at the port. Other port activities, such as the shipment of crude oil and solid bulk, have also increased in recent years and now account for 75% of all traffic in Galician ports.

This city was the site of Zara's first-ever store, opened in 1975 by founder Amancio Ortega Gaona. Since then, Zara has expanded to become a national and international clothing chain. To the north, in the city of Arteixo, is the headquarters of Inditex, the world's largest textile manufacturer.

Other notable businesses in the city include the Repsol refinery, the Gas Natural combined cycle power plant, the General Dynamics factory, the Alcoa aluminum plant, and the conservative daily newspaper La Voz de Galicia, which has the largest circulation in Galicia and is published in Spanish.

In recent years, there has been a push to improve accessibility and infrastructure, particularly in culture, sports, leisure, and science. Substantial efforts have been made to restore the coastline and fortify the tourism industry after a massive oil spill occurred when ships sank and exploded in the Aegean Sea. All this has strengthened the city's reputation as a hub for commerce, culture, tourism, and transportation.

Weather in La Coruna, Spain

La Coruna has mild summers, cold, wet, windy winters, and consistent cloudiness throughout the year. The annual average temperature is about 44 degrees Fahrenheit, rarely dropping 35 degrees below or rising above 82 degrees.

When traveling to A Coruna, warm-weather activities are most enjoyable from late June to early September. The average high temperature is above 71 degrees Fahrenheit from June until September, making this the warm season. August is the hottest month in A Coruna, with highs of 75 degrees and lows of 60.

The cool season lasts almost 4 months, from November to March, with an average daily high temperature below 60°F. Low temperatures in A Coruna average 44 degrees Fahrenheit in February, with highs of 58 degrees.

From September to May, precipitation occurs on an average of 13 days during the wetter season. The wettest days are in January. From May through September, we experience our four-month dry season, with the driest days typically occurring over three days in July.

Useful Details at La Coruna, Spain

In the case of a medical emergency, visitors should call 112 for ambulance services.

For police emergencies, visitors should dial 112 to reach the Spanish National Police Corps. This number is available 24 hours daily and provides English-speaking operators if requested.

Additionally, travelers in La Coruna can find help at any local hospital or police station. Emergency personnel are generally very helpful and provides assistance quickly and professionally. If necessary, travelers may also seek assistance from their embassy or consulate in Madrid or Barcelona, which are 2 hours away by train or car ride.

The US Embassy, for example, offers an online form that allows US citizens to request help with specific questions regarding travel and residency in Spain and other important matters. Storing this information before traveling is highly recommended to ensure it is accessible when needed most – during an emergency.


Quirónsalud A Coruna Hospital

Address: C/ Londres, 215009A Coruna


Palace of the General Military Headquarters

Address: Plaza de la Constitución, s/n. 15001 La Coruna, A Coruna (Galicia)

Phone: +34 679167584 / +34 981215681

La Coruna Airport Contacts

Address: Av. Hermida, 15174 Rutis, A Coruna, Spain

General Phone: +34 913 21 10 00

Lost and Found Phone: +34 913 21 10 00

Information Desk Phone: +34 913 21 10 00

Official Website:

Local Information

Drive on: Right

Electricity: 230V/50Hz

Plug: F

Currency: Euro

Wi-Fi at Airport: Free Wi-Fi is available at La Coruna Airport

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La Coruna
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