San Sebastian Airport (EAS)

San Sebastián Airport (IATA code: EAS) serves the city of San Sebastián in Spain's Basque Country. Despite its name, the airport is located within the municipal boundaries of Hondarribia, with the runway stretching like a spit of land along the river Bidasoa, just a stone's throw from the international boundary between Spain and France. Domestic flights, especially to Madrid, are the airport's main focus. As of July 2022, international service to London City has also begun.

Only about 100 kilometers separate the three airports serving San Sebastián, two of which are international. San Sebastián Airport is conveniently located just 20 kilometers from the city's heart and offers direct flights to Madrid and Barcelona. At 117 kilometers away, Bilbao Airport provides access to the rest of Europe, while Biarritz Airport is 32 kilometers away and is used by both French and low-cost international airlines.

Transfer Services at San Sebastián Airport

Ground transportation options at San Sebastián Airport in Spain include taxis, buses, and rental cars. Taxis are a convenient way to get to your destination quickly and easily from the airport. Buses provide an economical transportation alternative for those looking for a more budget-friendly option than renting a car or taxi.

For those who want private transport, rental cars can be found near the baggage claim area at the arrivals hall. Several major car rental companies have offices here, including Europcar, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Hertz Car Rental, Sixt Car Rental, and more.

Rental Car Services at San Sebastián Airport

Rental car services at San Sebastián Airport in Spain are as convenient as ever. From luxury and premium rental cars to small economy vehicles, you can find a car that fits your needs and budget at the airport. The rental car counters are easily accessible from the arrivals hall, allowing quick access for those who need to be on their way fast.

Online reservations make it even easier to have a vehicle ready upon arrival. Hence, time is well-spent on your trip. Once you've chosen the right vehicle for your journey, staff will help with any questions or concerns before providing keys and paperwork so that you can be out of the airport in minutes.

No matter what type of car is best suited for your travels, San Sebastián Airport has numerous options available, providing a great solution when needing transportation while visiting Spain's beautiful Basque Country region.

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Taxi Services at San Sebastián Airport

Taxi services at San Sebastián Airport are a great way to get around the city. Taxis are available at both terminals and can take you anywhere in the city or surrounding areas. The fare is determined by distance, so ask your driver how much it will cost before getting into the taxi.

Generally, taxis can take you to Donosti in 20 minutes and cost you around 40 euros. This service offers an easy, convenient way to explore San Sebastián with peace of mind knowing that you'll arrive safely at your destination. See more information about taxis at San Sebastián Airport.

Train Services at San Sebastián Airport

Train services in San Sebastián, Spain, are reliable, punctual, and comfortable. The main line runs along the coast from San Sebastián to Bilbao, among other routes. Trains on this route are frequent and run every hour or so during peak times.

They provide an easy way to travel between San Sebastián and other Basque cities without navigating traffic jams or taking multiple buses. Furthermore, tickets are inexpensive compared to other forms of public transportation in Spain, making them great value for money.

All trains on this line come equipped with air conditioning and modern amenities such as free Wi-Fi access, power sockets, and accessible toilets, making long journeys more enjoyable. Traveling by train is also one of the safest ways of getting around the city due to its low crime rate. More information about train services near San Sebastián Airport.

All stations have security guards available 24/7 who monitor activity closely, ensuring everyone's safety throughout their journey.

Bus Services at San Sebastián Airport

A bus company that travels to San Sebastian's center every hour or hour and a half departs from the airport exit. The buses run on straight routes between Fuenterraba and San Sebastian and are owned by the Ekialdebus firm.

It travels to San Sebastian along the highway and arrives in thirty minutes. This is a decent alternative if you have little luggage to tote. It would be beneficial if you kept in mind that you still had to travel to your hotel's location. More information about buses to and from San Sebastián Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at San Sebastián Airport

Hotel shuttle services at San Sebastián Airport are a great way to get around the city quickly and conveniently. Whether you're staying at a nearby hotel or need transportation from the airport to your destination, San Sebastián Airport shuttles are an efficient and affordable travel option.

The airport shuttle service offers several types of vehicles, depending on your group size; vans and buses are available for larger groups and smaller sedans for individuals. Plus, all shuttles have air conditioning for added comfort during warmer temperatures.

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Rideshare Services at San Sebastián Airport

Rideshare services at San Sebastián Airport are becoming increasingly popular among travelers. The airport is located in the northern part of Spain. It provides its passengers easy access to the city center and nearby attractions such as beaches and mountains.

These services allow you to arrange a driver pick-up at the San Sebastián Airport so you can travel directly to your destination without worrying about public transportation or driving. This convenient service is an affordable option for those looking for a stress-free journey through this beautiful region of Spain.

Parking Services at San Sebastián Airport

Parking services at San Sebastián Airport in Spain provide various options to travelers looking for convenience and affordability. Short-term parking is available in the airport's public garage and an open-air lot, with rates varying depending on the duration of stay.

For those who want to park and leave their car for an extended period, San Sebastián Airport offers long-term parking spaces at reduced fees. Shuttle services from both lots can take passengers to the terminal entrance.

See more information about short and long term parking at San Sebastián Airport.

Other Services at San Sebastián Airport

Other passenger services at the facility include a café, restaurant, and bar. The airport also has free Wi-Fi access throughout the entire terminal. In addition to basic passenger services, San Sebastián Airport offers several other amenities, such as duty-free shops for shopping, car rental services for travelers needing transportation, and ATMs in both the arrivals hall and departures area.

For those needing assistance at the airport, there is an information desk that provides assistance with booking flights or finding ground transportation options, including taxi companies or bus stops nearby to take them into the city center of San Sebastian or wherever else they need to go in Spain's Basque Country region quickly and easily.

Disabled Passengers at San Sebastián Airport

The airport provides a range of services from wheelchairs to special needs assistance and adapted toilets, as well as priority boarding on all flights for passengers who require it. San Sebastián Airport also has a dedicated helpdesk for disabled passengers, making it easier for those with disability-related requirements to make their journey more comfortable and stress-free.

In addition, there is an information point near the check-in desks staffed by multilingual personnel who can answer questions about the airport's facilities and services aimed at disabled travelers.

Wi-Fi at San Sebastián Airport

This service allows for fast and efficient connection to the internet, allowing passengers to work, browse the web, and stay connected while waiting for their flight. Wi-Fi services are free of charge, so everyone can use them without worrying about extra costs.

Passengers may also use complimentary charging points near seating areas to charge their electronic devices, such as smartphones or laptops, during their wait time at San Sebastián Airport.

Baggage Claim at San Sebastián Airport

Travelers can claim their baggage at the dedicated conveyor belts in the arrivals hall after passing through passport control. If passengers require assistance with their luggage, staff from any of the ground handling companies will be glad to help them out with a smile.

Information Desk at San Sebastián Airport

From providing travel information, ticketing, currency exchange, and car rental services to airport transfers and advice on transportation and accommodation options in the city. Information desk staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer any questions or queries.

They can also help arrange sightseeing tours and other activities in the area if needed. Furthermore, they provide complimentary brochures about local attractions for tourists to learn about their destination before exploring it further.

Smoking at San Sebastián Airport

Smoking restrictions at San Sebastián Airport have become stricter in recent years as the airport is becoming more aware of the dangers of second-hand smoke. As well as this, there are now designated smoking areas outside the terminal building for travelers who wish to smoke before their flight.

These areas have clear signs warning travelers not to enter or leave with lit cigarettes and other smoking paraphernalia, which must be extinguished in special bins provided. In addition, all airside facilities – including bars and restaurants - are entirely non-smoking zones due to health risks posed by second-hand smoke for passengers spending time inside these spaces.

Lost and Found Section at San Sebastián Airport

The lost and found section at San Sebastián Airport is a great resource for those who have misplaced their luggage, personal belongings, or other important items during their travels. The section is operated by friendly and knowledgeable staff that can help passengers locate lost items.

Passengers must provide relevant information such as the travel date, flight number, and airport name to begin the search process. If an item is found, it will be held in secure storage until the passenger can pick it up. Additionally, suppose any valuable items are located. In that case, they will be securely stored at San Sebastián Airport's main office until retrieved by the owner.

Restrooms at San Sebastián Airport

The toilets are also equipped with changing tables for babies and disabled access. There is a cafe in the terminal where travelers can purchase snacks, drinks, or meals before boarding their flight. Additionally, there are vending machines available throughout the airport to provide travelers with additional choices of food and beverages.

Nursing Mothers Station at San Sebastián Airport

This area is specially equipped for the benefit of mothers traveling with babies. The rooms are spacious, light, and comfortable and provide a pleasant environment to ensure both mother and baby feel safe and relaxed when traveling. Facilities include electrical outlets for plugging in bottle warmers and comfortable chairs or sofas for breastfeeding or changing nappies.

San Sebastián Airport also provides information on infant care products available at its stores - such as diapers – which is an extra convenience to women who need these items while they are away from home. Ultimately, this service ensures that mothers feel confident traveling through San Sebastián Airport with their young ones by providing them with all necessary amenities on site.

ATMs at San Sebastián Airport

ATMs at San Sebastián Airport offer currency exchange services and access to banks and other financial institutions. It is always a good idea to check the validity of your credit cards or cash before arriving at the airport, especially if you plan on using an ATM or exchanging any money. The ATMs offer debit and credit card facilities, so it's important to ensure that both are valid before entering the terminal building.

Currency Exchange at San Sebastián Airport

The exchange office offers a wide range of services, including exchanging euros for other currencies and providing advice on foreign currency investment options. Additionally, it offers competitive rates compared to other exchanges in Spain, so travelers can make sure they get the best rate when buying or selling currency abroad.

Food and Beverages at San Sebastián Airport

Food and beverage services at San Sebastián Airport are as varied and convenient as the airport itself. Several restaurants and bars are located throughout the facility, including a full-service restaurant in the main terminal building, a bar/café in the departure lounge, and snack bars in both arrivals and departures.

The restaurants offer an international selection of cuisines from around the world. At the same time, local favorites such as tapas can also be found. In addition to delicious meals and drinks, travelers can also find souvenirs for their travels at one of the many gift shops located within San Sebastián Airport.

Shopping at San Sebastián Airport

Passengers can take advantage of the numerous stores and kiosks inside the main terminal building that offer everything from books to gifts, souvenirs, clothing, accessories, and cosmetics. Those who need something special for their trip or want to pick up some essentials before boarding can find convenient shopping options at San Sebastián Airport.

Business travelers will also appreciate the range of technology products such as laptops, tablets, and digital cameras available for purchase. San Sebastián Airport is sure to make your travel experience effortless and enjoyable with its wide variety of services and amenities.

Pet Relief at San Sebastián Airport

The airport provides a convenient way for travelers to ensure that their furry companions will be cared for during their travels. They offer boarding, daycare, grooming, walking services, and special transportation for pets to and from the airport.

The pet relief areas are conveniently located in both the arrival and departure areas of the airport, so they can easily be used by passengers with pets or those wishing to drop off or pick up an animal companion. The facilities provide a clean and comfortable environment for animals, including designated grassy spaces, benches, and waste bags, making them a great solution for stress-free travel with your beloved pet.

Ticketing Services at San Sebastián Airport

The ticketing services for airlines operating out of San Sebastián Airport are located in the departure hall. Passengers can purchase airline tickets from the ticket desk or online through various websites, including most major airlines' websites.

Online purchases include additional benefits such as discounts on certain routes and negotiated rates with specific carriers. At the ticket desk, passengers can select their desired seat and add special requests such as vegetarian meals or extra legroom seats when available from the airline's website.

For those who prefer not to wait in line at an airport terminal before their flight departs, there is an array of self-service kiosks throughout San Sebastián Airport that allow passengers to check in electronically and print boarding passes without having to visit any counters or queues.

Through these automated machines, travelers can also view upcoming departure times, check baggage allowances and use various other services offered by participating airlines, all while saving time during busy travel.

History of San Sebastián Airport

There is currently a plan to extend the runway to accommodate larger aircraft. The airport's future is clouded by preliminary plans continuing to face fierce opposition, compounding the economic difficulties already experienced by carriers. It's also close to the airports in Bilbao and Biarritz (Pays Basque).

About San Sebastián, Basque Country, Spain

San Sebastian (or Donostia-San Sebastián) is a city and a municipality located in the Basque Autonomous Community of Spain. Only 20 kilometers from the French and Spanish borders, it enjoys a prime location on the Bay of Biscay. The main hub for the Gipuzkoa region. In Spanish and Basque, locals refer to themselves as donostiarra (singular). It's a section of the larger Basque Eurocity Bayonne-San Sebastián.

Since San Sebastian has always been a popular tourist destination, the city's economy heavily depends on the service sector, particularly commerce and tourism. The city may be small, but it has a big international reputation thanks to festivals like the San Sebastián International Film Festival and the San Sebastián Jazz Festival. The 2016 European Capital of Culture was shared between San Sebastian, Spain, and Wroclaw, Poland.

Weather in San Sebastián, Basque Country, Spain

Summers are mild, winters are long, cold, wet, and windy, and it is always cloudy in San Sebastián. Temperatures rarely drop 33 degrees Fahrenheit below or rise above 84 degrees Fahrenheit over a year.

Late June through mid-September is the ideal time to visit San Sebastián for outdoor activities. The average high temperature is above 72 degrees Fahrenheit from June until September, making this the warm season. August has an average high of 76 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 63 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the warmest month of the year.

November through March is the cool season when daily highs are typically below 58 degrees Fahrenheit on average. In January, temperatures drop to an average of 42 degrees Fahrenheit and rise to 54 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the coldest month of the year.

The rainy season is from September to May, a total of 8 months. On average, 11 days of rainfall in November. In the four months between May and September, the weather is drier on average for five days per month, with the driest days falling in July.

Useful Contact Details in San Sebastián, Spain

If you experience a medical or police emergency in San Sebastián, Spain, the best thing to do is call 112. This number puts you in direct contact with the local police and ambulance services. Emergency services are well organized in San Sebastián and are available 24 hours a day throughout the city and surrounding area.

When calling 112, it is important to clearly and calmly explain your situation, including your exact location, as accurately as possible so that help can arrive quickly. Also, be ready to provide additional information about your situation, such as the type of injury or incident. Lastly, if you need an English-speaking operator, request one when dialing 112.


Hospital Universitario Donostia

Address: Begiristain Doktorea Pasealekua, s/n, 20014 Donostia, Gipuzkoa, Spain

Emergency room: Open 24 hours · More hours

Phone: +34 943 00 70 00


Comisaría de la Policía Nacional

Address: Urumea Pasealekua, 17, 20014 Donostia, Gipuzkoa, Spain

Phone: +34 943 44 98 00

San Sebastián Airport Contacts

Address: Gabarrari Kalea, 22, 20280 Hondarribia, Gipuzkoa, Spain

General Phone: +34 913 21 10 00

Lost and Found Phone: +34 913 21 10 00

Information Desk Phone: +34 913 21 10 00

Official Website:

Local Information

Drive on: Right

Electricity: 230V/50Hz

Plug: F

Currency: Euro

Wi-Fi at Airport: Free Wi-Fi is available at San Sebastián Airport

Visitor Information - San Sebastian Airport

Airport Information

Address, contact details, lost and found, location map etc...

Airport Name
Donostia - San Sebastian
Time at Airport
San Sebastian
Phone Number
943 66 85 00 / 902 40 47 04
Location Map
Map of EAS Airport
No. of monthly flights
No. of countries served
Popular Airlines at EAS
  • Volotea
  • VistaJet
  • British Airways
  • Vueling
  • Binter Canarias
Top Routes
  • Biarritz
  • Paris
  • Olbia
  • Barcelona
  • Las Palmas

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  • No Card Fees
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