Alicante Airport (ALC)

Alicante-Elche Miguel Hernández Airport (IATA: ALC; Spanish: Aeropuerto de Alicante-Elche Miguel Hernández; Valencian: Aeroport d'Alacant-Elx Miguel Hernández) is located roughly 9 kilometers southwest of Alicante and roughly 10 kilometers east of Elche in Spain. The airport serves the southern portion of the Valencian Community and the Region of Murcia, one of the major airports in south-eastern Spain.

Alicante Airport is the sixth busiest airport in Spain and one of the top 50 busiest in Europe. Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, and Sweden account for a disproportionate share of its travelers. Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, and Barcelona are three of the most popular domestic destinations this airport serves.

Transfer Services at Alicante Airport

The airport in Alicante can be reached by taxi, bus, or personal vehicle via the N-338 highway. In 2011, a brand-new parking garage was opened alongside the new terminal, featuring an advanced sensor system with interactive digital displays.

While there is currently no train service directly to the airport, there is a bus stop serviced by all airport-based bus lines. Buses from Alicante Airport can be found at a stop just outside the terminal's departures hall on level 2.

The C6 bus line connects the airport with downtown Alicante. Benidorm and Torrevieja can be reached every hour via one of the many intercity bus routes.

Rental Car Services at Alicante Airport

At Alicante Airport, visitors can pick from many vehicles the airport's car rental agencies offer. There is bound to be a vehicle that suits your needs, from small cars great for couples or solo travelers to large minivans perfect for families or groups.

Most companies that rent out automobiles also provide optional extras like GPS navigation systems and roadside assistance. Renting a car at Alicante Airport can help make your trip to Spain more convenient and enjoyable, whether you're just visiting Alicante for the weekend or staying longer.

See and compare all rental car companies at Alicante Airport.

Taxi Services at Alicante Airport

The Alicante Airport terminal has two taxi stands near the arrivals area, and the city's taxi service is handled by the Radio Taxi Elche company.

The terminal has two taxi stands, with one for departures located on the roadway outside the terminal. See more information about taxis at Alicante Airport.

Train Services at Alicante Airport

The Alicante Airport area desperately needs a metro or train station.

Alicante TRAM (or "TRAM Metropolità d'Alacant" in Valencian) combines modern trams, light rail, and tram trains. More information about train services near Alicante Airport.

Alicante proper (region A) and other cities and villages along the Costa Blanca coast, such as Benidorm and Denia, are served by five different tram lines (L1, L2, L3, L4, and L9).

Bus Services at Alicante Airport

All arriving and departing buses use the same terminal at Alicante Airport. The bus stop is located on the second floor of the main terminal building. More information about buses to and from Alicante Airport.

There is a bus station at the airport, but only private transfers and tour groups can use it.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Alicante Airport

Airport transfers can be arranged in Alicante, Costa Blanca, Benidorm, Elche, Alfaz del Pi, La Nucia, Polop, Villajoyosa, Altea, Albir, Calpe, Denia, La Xara, Moraira, and other nearby locations.

You can do that if you'd rather take a private cab to and from the airport, your hotel, or anywhere else.

In no time, a private service will be waiting to take you where you need to go. Taking a small group of up to four people this way is the quickest and most pleasant option for getting where you need to go.

Rideshare Services at Alicante Airport

The millions of annual passengers at Alicante Airport in Spain have benefited greatly from the availability of rideshare services. Travelers can get where they need to go in the city and its environs via several different transportation services that run between the airport and all regional points.

Parking Services at Alicante Airport

There are four official Aena parking lots available for passengers at Alicante Airport. An array of VIP services, including free shuttle service to and from the terminal, vehicle delivery and pickup, 24-hour surveillance, cleaning, covered parking spaces, and more, are available at a reduced rate at parking lots close to the airport.

Express Parking at Alicante Airport is a great option for those who need to drop off or pick up passengers without worrying about parking fees. It is free for stays of less than 10 minutes.

See more information about short and long term parking at Alicante Airport.

Other Services at Alicante Airport

Other passenger services and amenities at Alicante Airport in Spain include retail options, food outlets, and ATM facilities. Travelers can find a range of souvenirs and gifts at the airport's Duty-Free shop, while snack bars and sandwich stands are available for those who need a quick bite.

An executive lounge with complimentary drinks and snacks is available for travelers looking to relax before their flight. Furthermore, Alicante Airport provides access to a Wi-Fi internet connection throughout the facility so that passengers can stay connected during their travels.

In addition to these services, a bank branch is located onsite that offers various banking services, including currency exchange for travelers from outside Spain. With all of these amenities available at Alicante Airport, it is easy for travelers to enjoy their time in this beautiful city.

Disabled Passengers at Alicante Airport

This service is available to passengers with limited mobility due to a physical or mental disability. Minors with reduced mobility must be accompanied, as the service does not include the care and custody of minors.

The service must be requested at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure time to guarantee the quality of the service. It also has an information and customer service line for passengers with hearing and/or speech impairment.

Wi-Fi at Alicante Airport

The airport offers users free internet access via Wi-Fi for unlimited time, basic navigation to limit download speed, and is supported by advertising. This company combines this free service with selling premium services for Internet access.

Baggage Claim at Alicante Airport

There are two baggage claim areas, one for international flights and the other for domestic flights. Once you know which area to go to, it is easy to find your luggage. The airport has several carousels that rotate around continuously until all the bags have been retrieved from each flight.

Keep an eye out when your bag arrives at the carousel so you can pick it up quickly before anyone else does. If you are still waiting to see your bag on the first carousel, look around, as there may be more than one in operation at any given time. In addition to keeping track of your bags, ensure you are aware of any lost items or misplaced luggage that might appear on the carousel during its rotation.

Information Desk at Alicante Airport

This section is an excellent source of help for visitors. It provides a wide range of services, such as ticket sales, flight information, and assistance with lost or delayed luggage. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the airport and its facilities, making it easy to find what you need.

Additionally, they can provide helpful advice on local attractions, restaurants, and hotels near the airport. Furthermore, there are any special requirements or additional needs while traveling through Alicante Airport. In that case, they are always on hand to assist with anything that may be needed.

Smoking at Alicante Airport

The airport has several designated smoking areas at the departure gates and outside each terminal building. Smoking is prohibited in all other indoor areas of Alicante Airport, including restaurants and shops. The airport also has an outdoor terrace that can be used as a smoking area during summer or when weather permits.

Passengers are encouraged to use these designated areas instead of smoking elsewhere in the terminal buildings to help keep the air clean and healthy for everyone.

Lost and Found Section at Alicante Airport

The Lost and Found Section at Alicante Airport is a service provided for passengers who have lost items while in the airport. It is located directly opposite the Arrivals. Its designated personnel will search for matches with current listings or reports from airport staff members.

If an item has been recovered, it can usually be collected within 24 hours of being reported as missing; however, some larger items, such as suitcases, may take slightly longer to locate due to airline regulations.

Restrooms at Alicante Airport

Toilets are located in terminals’ arrivals, departures, and transit zones. They are usually well-maintained and clean, although some may experience occasional overcrowding during peak travel times.

The facilities also feature a baby changing area for parents traveling with infants or young children. Additionally, there is an accessible restroom for disabled passengers, which includes grab bars and other features to facilitate their use.

All restrooms are free to access and equipped with soap dispensers and paper towels so travelers can keep themselves clean throughout their journey.

Nursing Mothers Station at Alicante Airport

The stations provide an area where mothers can find privacy to breastfeed their infants and access to electrical outlets and comfortable armchairs. The nursing station also has to change tables and diaper disposal bins, so travelers don't have to worry about running out of supplies during their journey.

ATMs at Alicante Airport

These ATMs are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and accept most major credit cards. They also allow users to withdraw cash in Euros, making them ideal for those who need quick access to money while traveling.

The ATMs have an easy-to-use interface and offer competitive exchange rates compared to banks or currency exchange offices. Additionally, the ATMs are strategically located throughout the airport so that customers can access them easily, regardless of where they may be in the terminal building.

With multiple branches conveniently located around the airport, Alicante Airport's ATM network makes it easy for travelers to quickly get hold of Euros before their flight even leaves the ground.

Currency Exchange at Alicante Airport

There are several banks located at the airport, as well as ATMs and currency exchange kiosks which you can use to get euros or any other major currencies. The rates offered are competitive with those found in town, so you don't have to worry about getting a bad deal if you need to make a transaction quickly.

With all these options available, it is easy to find what you need without waiting in line or searching through the city center for an ATM or bank branch that offers foreign exchange services.

Food and Beverages at Alicante Airport

The airport offers both local and international culinary options. You can grab a quick bite at one of the many cafeterias or restaurants for coffee and pastries. There are also bars where you can enjoy a cold beer or glass of wine, pizzas, and pasta dishes.

Shopping at Alicante Airport

The airport is a great way to pick up some souvenirs or gifts before heading home. The duty-free area is filled with shops and boutiques selling local products as well as international brands, making it a great place to find something special for yourself or someone else.

Pet Relief at Alicante Airport

The pet relief area is located on the airport's second floor and has designated spaces for dogs and cats and a few grassy areas for them to use. Special disposal bags are also available for pet owners to collect animal waste.

This makes it easier for everyone traveling through Alicante Airport with their furry friend since they know there is somewhere safe and convenient to take care of business. Additionally, there are plenty of amenities nearby, so travelers can purchase anything their pet may need during their journeys, such as food, treats, or toys.

Pet owners can feel confident they won't be stranded without necessary supplies or accommodations when they travel through Alicante Airport, making it even more enjoyable.

Ticketing Services at Alicante Airport

This service is available for both domestic and international flights. Most airlines have ticket counters at the airport and electronic kiosks where travelers can purchase tickets quickly and easily.

Additionally, Alicante Airport provides a variety of online services which allow passengers to book their tickets in advance. This is especially useful for those looking to save money on last-minute fares or who need to make special arrangements due to medical conditions or other considerations.

The airport has an established network with local travel agencies that offer discounted airfare rates when booked through them in conjunction with Alicante Airport's ticketing services.

History of Alicante Airport

Since its opening on May 4, 1967, El Altet Airport has been Alicante's primary airport. Previously, the city had been served by the airstrip La Rabassa. It was named after the El Altet neighborhood in Elche's rural surroundings. Convair Metropolitan by Aviaco was the first commercial airline to land at the airport. Connections between Madrid and Barcelona were first offered by Iberia in November 1969.

Iberia was the most popular airline at the airport until 2003. Traditional airlines had declined since 2004 when budget carrier EasyJet claimed the throne. It wasn't until June 2006, when an Avianca Boeing 767 landed in Alicante from Bogotá, Colombia, that transatlantic service began.

The airline operated a once-weekly trip between Bogotá and Barcelona, with an outward stop in Alicante. Spanish aviation authorities allowed Avianca to fly directly from Madrid to Barcelona in 2012. Two years later, the company announced it would eliminate the stop in Alicante.

The new terminal in Alicante Elche, which opened in March 2011, succeeded the previous two terminals.

About Alicante, Spain

Alicante is a city and municipality in the Valencian Community, Spain. It is the largest city in the province of Alicante and a major port on the Mediterranean. In 2022, the city's population was 340,000, making it one of the most populous in the region.

Over the past seven thousand years, people have lived in the region around Alicante. Between 5,000 and 3,000 B.C., the earliest hunter-gatherer tribes made their way southward from Central Europe. Some of the oldest villages were established on the slopes of Mount Benacantil.

By 1,000 B.C., Greek and Phoenician traders were making regular trips to the eastern coast of Spain. They set up several minor commercial ports and introduced the alphabet, iron, and pottery wheel to the indigenous Iberian peoples.

Fortified by the Carthaginian general Hamilcar Barca, Akra Leuké is widely believed to have stood where present-day Alicante stands.

Weather in Alicante, Spain

In Alicante, the summers are hot, muggy, and usually clear; the winters are long, cool, windy, and partially cloudy; and it is dry year-round. Temperatures rarely drop 38 degrees Fahrenheit below or rise above 93 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year.

To enjoy Alicante's warm weather activities to the fullest, plan your trip around the middle of June through the beginning of September. Daily highs in the 90s are the norm from June through September, when the hot season begins. In August, temperatures average 87 degrees Fahrenheit; at their lowest, they dip to 72.

From November until March, when temperatures average below 67°F, the chilly season is in full swing. Temperatures in January average between 46 and 62 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the coldest month of the year.

From September through May, rain is more common, with the heaviest downpours occurring over five days in October. May through September is the dry season, with the driest days being less than a day long in July.

Useful Detail in Alicante, Spain

In the case of a police or medical emergency in Alicante, Spain, you should contact 112, which is the equivalent of calling 911 in the United States. This number connects to all emergency services throughout Spain and is available 24/7.

When you call this number for an emergency, be sure to provide your location as accurately as possible so that responders can reach you quickly. Additionally, if you can speak Spanish, it would be helpful when communicating with operators on the phone.

In any emergency situation in Alicante or elsewhere in Spain, it’s important to stay calm and follow instructions given by authorities.


Clinica Medica Quirurgica Sanatorio San Jorge

Address: San Jorge Sanatorium Medical-Surgical Clinic C/ Oliver, 55 03802

Phone: 965 330 400

Police Station

District Police Station Alicante Centro

Address: C/ Médico Pascual Pérez 27 03001 - Alicante

Phone: 965148888

Alicante Airport Contacts

Address: 03195 L'Altet, Alicante, Spain

General Phone: +34 913 21 10 00

Lost and Found Phone: +34 913 21 10 00

Information Desk Phone: +34 913 21 10 00

Official Website:

Local Information

Drive on: Right

Electricity: 230V/50Hz

Plug: F

Currency: Euro

Wi-Fi at Airport: Free Wi-Fi is available at Alicante Airport.

Visitor Information - Alicante Airport

Airport Information

Address, contact details, lost and found, location map etc...

Airport Name
Alicante El Altet
Time at Airport
Phone Number
+34 913 21 10 00
Email address
Lost & Found Services
+34 966 919 444
Airport Address
03195 L'Altet, Alicante, Spain
Location Map
Map of ALC Airport
Drive on the Right
Electricity / Voltage
Electric Outlet Adapter
No. of monthly flights
No. of countries served
Popular Airlines at ALC
  • Ryanair
  • easyJet
  • Norwegian
  • Vueling
  • TUI
Top Routes
  • London
  • Brussels
  • Zurich
  • Birmingham
  • Derby

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Airport Distance Useful Links
60.70 km / 37.71 miles
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  • Free Cancellations
  • No Card Fees
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