Pamplona Airport Departures (PNA)

The most popular choice is a taxi if you fly out of Pamplona Airport. Taxis are affordable and practical for traveling within towns or other regional cities. Let's say you want something less expensive. In that situation, bus services go to the Pamplona Airport from the city and neighboring towns and villages.

Also, car rental companies allow you to return the vehicle onsite and offer a cost-effective method of independent travel. Shuttles are another option for those traveling in larger groups or with children; they often cost more than taxis but offer door-to-door service straight from the airport terminal.

Rental Car Services at Pamplona Airport

Returning a car vehicle at the airport is a quick and easy experience.

Depending on the time of day you arrive, some waiting may be involved to pick up your rental car keys from customer service agents.

Most vehicles should be returned with their fuel tank full according to their guidelines and contracts; however, this is only sometimes necessary, so check ahead with your specific provider before departing. Finally, travelers can head off once all paperwork has been completed and inspected by staff members.

See and compare all rental car companies at Pamplona Airport.

Taxi Services at Pamplona Airport

Taxis take roughly 8 minutes and range in price from 8 to 11 euros to carry you from Pamplona Airport to the city center. The taxi is waiting outside the airport terminal's main door.

You will pay a minimum of €3.12 and €14.70 for an hour's delay; the rate between cities is €0.52 per kilometer (first 15 minutes free of charge). See more information about taxis at Pamplona Airport.

Taxis have meters, but if you're concerned about the price, it's preferable to ask the driver for an estimate before getting in the cab and the timer beginning.

Train Services at Pamplona Airport

At Pamplona, the airport and train station are distinct. You may ride the hourly public bus into the city for roughly three euros. It takes about 10 minutes and costs between €15 and €18 to take a taxi from the airport to the railway station. More information about train services near Pamplona Airport.

Bus Services at Pamplona Airport

It takes about 800 meters to walk from the station to the Talluntxe industrial area to access Line 16, which runs to Aizóain, Noáin, and Beriáin. Buses leave from Aizoain and Plaza de Lare every 12 minutes, precisely. The average cost of a one-way trip is about €2. More information about buses to and from Pamplona Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Pamplona Airport

Between downtown Pamplona and other areas close to the airport, shuttle services are provided by the airport. These shuttles are perfect for people wishing to skip the inconvenience of hiring a car or using public transportation to get to their location.

Check out our hotel page for more details.

Rideshare Services at Pamplona Airport

Uber offers customers reliable, pleasant, and reasonably priced transportation. It's simple to use the service; download the app or go to the website, enter your destination, request a trip, and wait for your driver to appear.

Whether on a budget or prefer more convenience when traveling to your destination, rideshare services are frequently much less expensive than regular taxi rides from Pamplona Airport into town.

Parking Services at Pamplona Airport

The airport and several private businesses offer parking services at Pamplona Airport in Spain. The airport provides both long-term and short-term parking, with a range of prices to meet the demands of different customers.

For optimal security and convenience, long-term parking lots are close to every terminal building and are under 24-hour observation. For people who only need to leave their car parked for a few hours or less, short-term parking lots are also monitored but charge less.

While using either type of parking facility, customers can pay with cash or credit cards, making it simple to locate safe accommodations immediately upon departing from Pamplona Airport.

See more information about short and long term parking at Pamplona Airport.

Other Services at Pamplona Airport

The Pamplona Airport offers a variety of retail and dining alternatives, from well-known eateries to regional specialties. The terminal has shops where visitors can pick up last-minute necessities or gifts.

In addition, a help desk in the arrivals area offers assistance with anything from instructions to ways to go outside the airport. At Pamplona Airport, free Wi-Fi is accessible throughout the terminal for those who want to stay connected.

Disabled Passengers at Pamplona Airport

To ensure that passengers with disabilities may use the same services as other passengers, the airport staff is trained to help and care for them. They can help with wheelchair transfers, extra seating options, boarding, and exiting flights, and, if needed, assistance with luggage.

The Pamplona Airport welcomes assistance dogs, but they must be registered before arrival so that staff can make sure their needs are satisfied. For impaired travelers, a specific section within the terminal has been created. If necessary, mobility scooter rentals are available there.

Wi-Fi at Pamplona Airport

By choosing the accessible network from their device's settings, travelers can use their own devices to connect to the airport's Wi-Fi network. Following that, they will be required to submit an email or phone number to obtain an access code that they can use to access the network.

Baggage Claim at Pamplona Airport

Various luggage trolleys are available for travelers in the airport's contemporary, effective baggage claim and collection rooms in Pamplona. The carousel sections are where passengers who have reserved their luggage can pick it up.

Also, the airport provides a comprehensive Lost & Found service for any items lost or left behind while traveling. Furthermore, travelers who want assistance with bulky luggage or other goods can ask for assistance from highly qualified staff at one of the Handicap Help desks in the terminal building.

Last but not least, there is plenty of seating around the terminal building, so finding a place to unwind before flying out of or landing at Pamplona Airport is simple.

Information Desk at Pamplona Airport

Passengers can check in for flights and make travel arrangements at the information desk locations at Pamplona Airport. At these desks, travelers can pick up their boarding cards and check their bags. Passengers can also ask questions or report issues relating to the flight here.

The information desk staff is welcoming and accommodating. They ensure that each customer has all the necessary documentation before boarding their aircraft. To ensure passengers have fun while waiting for their flight, they also offer comprehensive information about airport amenities, including restaurants, shops, ATMs, lounges, etc.

Smoking at Pamplona Airport

Only the areas clearly identified on airport maps, signs, and information boards are designated for smoking. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the terminal building. Therefore travelers must put their smoking supplies away before entering or leaving them at home.

The airport employees or security officials will take prompt action if anyone tries to circumvent these limits. Thus all airline passengers must be aware of this. Tourists must remember that national laws may have different requirements than European Union standards. They may therefore need to follow local regulations when visiting other countries.

Lost and Found Section at Pamplona Airport

Travelers who need assistance remembering or have misplaced their goods have found the lost and found departments at Pamplona Airport to be of tremendous assistance. Whether it's a misplaced passport, cell phone, or laptop computer, the airport staff is always glad and willing to help tourists.

They recognize the value of these personal items and will make every effort to return them to their original owners. In other instances, airport staff has gone above and above by advising travelers to contact airlines for delayed flights or supporting travelers in finding alternative lodging due to delays.

Please stop by the area in the arrivals hall if you need help with your luggage.

Restrooms at Pamplona Airport

Travelers will have a good time using the roomy, well-kept restrooms.

Nursing Mothers Station at Pamplona Airport

Mothers can nurse their children or keep their breast milk until they arrive at the station's discreet, cozy, hygienic space. The nursing mother's station at Pamplona Airport has features like cozy recliners, cozy lighting, and spotless changing tables to simplify traveling with young children.

In addition, the rooms' walls are soundproof, allowing mothers to feed their newborns comfortably without being interrupted by outside sounds. The stations offer free diapers and wipes and a secure space for nursing babies, which is even more practical for mothers on the go.

ATMs at Pamplona Airport

Major credit cards and debit cards with chip-and-pin technology are accepted at several ATMs throughout the airport, including one in the Arrivals Terminal and another in the Departures Terminal. Also, a few banking service kiosks that provide basic banking services like bill payment, money transfers, and more may be found by visitors at various locations throughout the airport.

Currency Exchange at Pamplona Airport

This is one of the greatest alternatives for travelers who need to convert foreign currency in the area. The kiosks have affordable prices. In addition, they offer wire transfers, traveler's checks, and money transfers. They provide a convenient location at the airport and top-notch customer service to guarantee the security and safety of every transaction.

Food and Beverages at Pamplona Airport

You can sample various regional dishes in the airport's specialty restaurants or get a quick snack at one of the many fast food outlets. There are also many options for snack shops and cafés. Let's say you want something more expensive. In that situation, a posh restaurant delivers exquisite Mediterranean cuisine and other international dishes. Many establishments offer craft beers on tap, wine options, and spirits for those who wish to satisfy their thirst with something other than water or coffee.

Shopping at Pamplona Airport

You may buy refreshments and souvenirs at several stores. They still need to provide more compared to bigger airports. Many stores are in the adjacent city center if you're seeking more options. Great buys are everywhere in Pamplona's major shopping district, from pricey department stores to posh boutiques. Pamplona shopping doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming; spend a delightful afternoon in the city center.

Pet Relief at Pamplona Airport

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) requirements were followed in the design of the pet relief areas, which give pets a place to discharge themselves. These pet relief areas often provide grassy spaces, seats, litter bins, bags, drinking fountains, and other conveniences that make traveling easier for owners and their animal companions.

Ticketing Services at Pamplona Airport

Several businesses offer this service, including check-in, boarding, and post-flight services like baggage handling, customs clearance, and luggage storage. Moreover, the airport offers particular services for those with disabilities, such as wheelchairs and help boarding.

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