Oviedo Aviles Airport (OVD)

Castrillón is home to Asturias Airport (IATA code: OVD), the only international airport serving the Spanish region of Asturias. Scheduled domestic and international flights dominate the traffic. An airport in Anzu is 15 kilometers from Avilés, 40 kilometers from Gijón, and 47 kilometers from Oviedo, the regional capital.

Transfer Services at Asturias Airport

Asturias Airport serves as a hub for both domestic and international flights. You can take one of two public transportation options when traveling to or from the airport. For a price, you can take one of the taxis waiting outside the terminal to any location in the city.

Some buses leave from the airport. The ALSA-operated buses pick up passengers at a stop outside the terminal and drop them off at various locations throughout the city. Between Oviedo and Gijon, there are shuttle buses that travel directly. The cities of Avilés and Salinas and others in Asturias are now more easily accessible thanks to improved bus service.

However, you should transfer to one of the bus terminals in Gijon or Oviedo to other parts of Asturias. Some buses connect Madrid-Barajas Airport with several Spanish cities. Car rentals are available at the facility as well.

Rental Car Services at Asturias Airport

In Spain, passengers arriving at Asturias Airport have several car rental agencies from which to choose. Tourists can select from a wide range of vehicles, from compact cars to large SUVs, to meet their transportation needs. Rentals at the airport can be either short or long, giving passengers the flexibility to find the best deal possible.

Car rental agencies offer extras like roadside assistance, GPS systems, and comprehensive insurance packages to guarantee a trouble-free trip. On top of that, Asturias Airport has partnerships with some of the best car rental agencies in the world, so visitors can choose from a comprehensive fleet and a variety of convenient services.

See and compare all rental car companies at Asturias Airport.

Taxi Services at Asturias Airport

Visitors looking for a more discreet mode of transportation to their destination can find taxis at the airport. A ticket to Gijón costs around € 48, while that to Oviedo is around € 56. The taxi ride from Gijón to Oviedo will take about 35 minutes. See more information about taxis at Asturias Airport.

Train Services at Asturias Airport

Asturias is serviced by two different rail networks: the national RENFE line that heads south toward Madrid and the narrow gauge FEVE lines that travel north and east. Because the FEVE lines are not part of a national rail network, they are not recognized by rail booking websites like Rail Europe. More information about train services near Asturias Airport.

Bus Services at Asturias Airport

There are several bus companies in Asturias, so residents of the province's more rural regions have access to public transportation. Due to its strategic location, the Oviedo bus station is Asturias' primary bus terminal. ALSA operates many intercity buses from this terminal and many local buses. More information about buses to and from Asturias Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Asturias Airport

After landing at Asturias Airport in Spain, visitors can take advantage of the airport's hotel shuttle service. Many different transportation businesses offer these amenities. There are usually various transfer options, ranging from private, one-way rides to shared shuttles.

Both shared shuttles and private car services are available to tourists, so they can choose what works best for their group size and travel budget. I recommend looking into shared shuttle services for larger groups, as they are typically more cost-effective. However, private car services offer convenience and privacy to their clients by picking them up and dropping them off at their door.

To learn more, please visit our hotel page.

Rideshare Services at Asturias Airport

A rideshare service to and from Asturias Airport in Spain is typically the most cost-effective option. They offer cheaper, more reliable rides than the other options available.

Parking Services at Asturias Airport

Asturias Airport in Spain has a wide selection of convenient parking options. The airport has parking options for both short and long-term stays. Both lots offer reasonable rates and frequent specials to keep customers coming back.

Valet services allow customers to leave their vehicles in the care of qualified drivers. At the same time, they travel for business or pleasure. A large and well-guarded parking lot at Asturias Airport makes it simple to leave your car there while you travel abroad.

See more information about short and long term parking at Asturias Airport.

Other Services at Asturias Airport

Services at the airport include a travelers' lounge, car rental services, and an information desk. The airport also offers several cafes and restaurants for travelers to enjoy before or after their flight. Duty-free shopping is available in the airport's duty-free area, which stocks everything from luxury brands to everyday items like souvenirs.

Additionally, multiple ATMs around the terminal allow passengers to withdraw money before boarding their plane. Asturias Airport is conveniently located just minutes from the Oviedo city center, with plenty of parking options nearby. Multiple restaurants also provide delicious snacks and meals to energize travelers during their travels.

The airport also offers complimentary Wi-Fi access throughout the facility to ensure that travelers stay connected while on the move. A wide range of shops is available in the main terminal, offering souvenirs and other items related to Asturias and necessary travel necessities.

Finally, helpful customer service staff is available around the clock should any questions or concerns arise during your time at Asturias Airport. With its comprehensive range of services and amenities, it's easy to see why this hub has become one of Spain's most popular airports for local and international travelers.

Disabled Passengers at Asturias Airport

The airport is fully wheelchair-accessible, with ramps and lifts available throughout the building. There are accessible toilets in all public areas and dedicated parking bays close to the entrance for those with reduced mobility.

Staff at the information desk can provide assistance and advice on services available to passengers with disabilities or special needs. There is also a lounge where travelers can relax before their flight.

Asturias Airport prides itself on offering a low-stress experience for everyone who passes through its gates, so disabled passengers can rest assured they will receive a warm welcome and be treated with respect during their time at the airport.

Wi-Fi at Asturias Airport

Passengers can connect to the airport's secure network and access various online services, including email, social media platforms, streaming services, and browsing capabilities. The Wi-Fi connection also allows passengers to do any last-minute work before their flight or take advantage of any special offers available online.

Baggage Claim at Asturias Airport

This area is packed with travelers waiting to be reunited with their respective suitcases. Some of them have been here for hours, and their faces display a range of emotions ranging from frustration to worry. The airport staff is doing its best to keep the process running smoothly.

Information Desk at Asturias Airport

From arrival times to baggage reclaim, the staff at the desk will provide helpful advice on all airport services available. They can also assist with ticketing issues and flight changes if necessary and give directions around the airport or information about transport options into town. The Information Desk section is open seven days a week from 5:00 am until midnight, ensuring that no matter when you need help, someone will be there to answer your questions.

Smoking at Asturias Airport

Smoking restrictions at Asturias Airport ensure that everyone can enjoy a safe and pleasant travel experience free from secondhand smoke inhalation or littering caused by cigarette butts discarded carelessly around waiting for areas or terminals.

This means that all airport areas, including check-in desks, departure lounges, security checkpoints, baggage reclaim areas, and outside spaces such as car parks, are completely smoke-free.

It also applies to electronic cigarettes or vaping devices. Passengers who wish to smoke must leave the premises entirely; no designated area is inside the airport grounds anymore.

Lost and Found Section at Asturias Airport

This service is on the ground floor of the arrivals area. Lost items in Asturias Airport can be reported at any time. They will be held for a minimum period of one month. To reclaim an item that was lost at Asturias Airport, you must present evidence of ownership and complete a short form detailing your contact details should it become necessary to contact you regarding your lost property. All passengers are advised to take care when traveling through the airport. Any lost items can sometimes be retrieved from Asturias Airport's lost and found facility.

Restrooms at Asturias Airport

These areas are always clean and well-stocked, making it a pleasant experience for passengers.

Nursing Mothers Station at Asturias Airport

This section provides a convenient, private, well-equipped nursing mother's room. It provides the privacy needed for breastfeeding mothers and offers amenities such as its changing area, comfortable seating, and even rocking chairs in some locations. Nursing mothers' stations also offer complimentary water to ensure new moms stay hydrated while nursing their babies.

All these conveniences have made it easier for traveling nursing mommies to manage their babies during long journeys at Asturias Airport. Due to its safety standards and excellent customer service policy, it has become one of the most popular airports among parents who travel with young children.

ATMs at Asturias Airport

These machines are a great way to get some cash before your travels. They can be found in the Arrivals Hall and offer several currencies, including Euros. The machines also accept VISA and MasterCard payments, so you should be fine getting the money you need for your trip. As with other ATMs worldwide, additional fees may be associated with using these machines, so check before withdrawing money.

Additionally, you may need to know how much cash to withdraw beforehand. In that case, it is best to consult a currency exchange expert or bank representative before leaving home to ascertain the exact amount of foreign currency you will need for your travels.

Currency Exchange at Asturias Airport

Most provide competitive exchange rates and no commission fees, so shopping for the best deal is worth shopping. The airport also has ATMs where you can withdraw cash in Euros.

Once at your destination in Asturias, plenty of banks offer currency exchange services for those looking to convert their money into local currency. It's always wise to carry some backup currency if you run low on euros while traveling through Asturias.

Food and Beverages at Asturias Airport

Asturias Airport's food and beverage sections are an example of various places to enjoy a unique gastronomical experience. The airport has several restaurants and cafes that offer a wide selection of local, national, and international cuisines.

Visitors can choose from fast food counters, cafeteria-style restaurants, or sit-down establishments offering traditional Asturias. In addition to all these options, travelers can find various bars serving beer and wine – perfect for enjoying tapas before boarding.

Shopping at Asturias Airport

Shopping options at Asturias Airport are limited, but what is available is of decent quality and reasonably priced. There are stores where travelers can purchase souvenirs such as local wines and spirits, liqueurs, perfumes, and cosmetics at discounted prices. It also boasts a few clothing stores offering stylish apparel for both men and women.

Travelers looking to grab snacks or drinks before their flight will find a minimarket with popular grocery items, including chips, candy bars, juices, and coffee. Passengers who need something more substantial can make their way to the cafe located in the main terminal building, which offers an assortment of alcoholic beverages as well as hot sandwiches and light meals.

Pet Relief at Asturias Airport

Pet relief areas at Asturias Airport can be very helpful in making sure that everyone enjoys their travel experience without any complications related to pet needs. These areas are usually located in outdoor areas of the airport, away from public view and close to where the pet owners' flights depart or arrive.

They typically contain grassy patches, benches, waste bags and bins, water dispensers, and other amenities that make it convenient for pet owners to care for their furry friends before boarding or upon arrival.

Ticketing Services at Asturias Airport

The staff at the ticket counters is knowledgeable and friendly, ensuring you'll have any questions answered quickly. Additionally, they offer a wide range of payment options, including cash, credit cards, and even online payments, so you don't have to worry about not having enough money when traveling.

With all these features combined with the excellent customer service provided by Asturias Airport personnel, travelers will be sure to get excellent assistance while attempting to check in for their flight or purchase tickets.

History of Asturias Airport

In 1968, the airport opened to the public, and the first commercial flight departed for Madrid. Shortly after, a second route emerged, connecting Barcelona and Santiago de Compostela through Asturias and Bilbao.

The airport's first major expansion occurred in 1980, in time for Spain to host the 1982 FIFA World Cup. The parking ramp for planes was expanded in 1982. Five more registration counters were installed in addition to the original twenty.

The airport underwent a series of upgrades in 2003, increasing its capacity for passengers and airplanes. The installation of three Jet bridge jetways and the completion of construction on a second passenger-accessible floor at the airport have made it possible for passengers to board planes without ever having to leave the terminal.

About Asturias, Spain

The autonomous community of Asturias is located in the northwest corner of Spain. It is formally known as the Principality of Asturias. Its borders coincide with those of the province of Asturias. It includes a portion of the medieval Kingdom of Asturias. Asturias is an autonomous community in northern Spain that consists of eight counties. It is bounded on the east by Cantabria, the south by Castile and León, the west by Lugo, and the north by the Cantabrian Sea.

Asturias is a region of Green Spain due to its hilly terrain and abundant flora and fauna. Oviedo, the capital city. Gijón, the largest city, and Avilés, an industrial town, are the most significant urban centers. Cangas de Ons, Cangas del Narcea, Gozón, Grado, Langreo, Llanera, Laviana, Lena, Llanes, Mieres, Siero, Valdés, Vegadeo, and Villaviciosa are some of the other municipalities in Asturias.

In Asturias, agriculture and fishing have been the backbone of the economy for ages. It was also common practice to make various dairy products and beverages. Its rapid growth in the late 1960s resulted from the booming economy. Central Lechera Asturiana's dairy goods may be found in stores around Spain.

In modern times, however, coal mining and steel production emerged as the region's primary economic drivers. It had a pivotal role in Spain's steel industry. Many people from other parts of Spain, especially Extremadura, Andalusia, Castile, and Leon, moved to the area because of the industry's history of job growth. Steel production, along with mining, is currently in decline as a result. The latter results from the high production costs associated with extracting coal compared to other places.

The rate of economic expansion in this area is lower than that of Spain as a whole. The high unemployment rate in Asturias has been decreasing in recent years, thanks to the expansion of the service sector. In the two largest cities in the region, Gijón and Oviedo, you can now find enormous out-of-town shopping centers.

Weather in Asturias, Spain

Gijón is partially cloudy all year, and the summers are brief, pleasant, and dry. In contrast, the winters are long, chilly, wet, and windy. The average annual temperature is around 44 degrees Fahrenheit (or 73 degrees Celsius), rarely dropping below 38 degrees or rising above 78 degrees.

A marine climate prevails there. Compared to the rest of Spain, it gets a lot of rain and very little sun each year. Seasonal extremes are rare, and temperatures often hover around the low 20s Celsius. Extreme heat is uncommon since southern winds are typically blocked by mountains. Temperatures drop to a surprisingly mild level for the season when one is near the coast.

The months of late June through early September are ideal for enjoying Gijón's warm-weather attractions. The average daily high temperature is above 70 degrees Fahrenheit from June until September, making this the warm season. August has an average high of 73 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 62, making it the hottest month.

From November until March, the average daily high is below 59 degrees Fahrenheit, making that time of year the chilly season. February has the lowest average temperatures, 44 degrees Fahrenheit, and the highest, at 56 degrees Fahrenheit.

Eight months, from September to May, are considered the wetter season. The wettest days often fall in November, when rainfall averages 11 days. During the four months of the dry season (May–September), July typically has the fewest rainy days (an average of four days).

Useful Contact Details in Asturias, Spain

In the case of a police or medical emergency in Asturias, Spain, it is important to call 112. This number can be dialed from any phone for free and will connect you with the appropriate authorities. You may also contact your local police station directly (or visit if necessary) for help.

All public hospitals have 24-hour services available for medical emergencies, and you can ask for information at Tourist Offices about other private ones that may provide quick assistance. One should carry a copy of their passport or personal identification as proof of identity when seeking medical attention in Spain.


Clinica Asturias

Address: Calle Naranjo de Bulnes, 4, 6 33012 Oviedo, Asturias

Phone: 985 28 60 00

Cellphone: 33012

Police Station

National Police Station, Principality of Asturias, Spain

Address: Calle Feijóo, 44, 33204 Gijón, Asturias, Spain

Phone: +34 985 19 64 40

Asturias Airport Contacts

Address: AI-82, 33459 Santiago del Monte, Asturias, Spain

General Phone: +34 913 21 10 00

Lost and Found Phone: +34 913 21 10 00

Information Desk Phone: +34 913 21 10 00

Official Website: https://www.aena.es/en/asturias.html

Local Information

Drive on: Right

Electricity: 230V/50Hz

Plug: F

Currency: Euro

Wi-Fi at Airport: Free Wi-Fi is available at Asturias Airport

Visitor Information - Oviedo Aviles Airport

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Oviedo Aviles
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Popular Airlines at OVD
  • Volotea
  • Vueling
  • Ryanair
  • Iberojet
  • Iberia Regional
Top Routes
  • Las Palmas
  • Madrid
  • Tenerife
  • London
  • Palma Mallorca

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30.36 km / 18.86 miles
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