Almeria Airport (LEI)

Almeria Airport, also known as the Aeropuerto de Almeria, is an airport in the province of Almeria in the Andalusian region of Spain. It is located 9 kilometers east of the city center of Almeria. El Ejido, Mojácar, Roquetas de Mar, and Vera are all within driving distance, such as the Cabo de Gata-Njar Natural Park.

Transfer Services at Almeria Airport

There are different modes of transportation at the ground transportation center of Almeria Airport in Spain.

Taxis are plentiful and cost-effective. While plenty of private operators are offering their services, the most reliable way to get around is to book a ride with one of the airport's pre-approved taxi companies. These taxis offer comfortable rides in well-maintained cars that will take you wherever you need to go at an affordable price.

The drivers are knowledgeable about the city and can often provide helpful recommendations on local attractions or restaurants along your route. The Almeria Airport also provides shuttle buses for those who wish to travel with larger groups, saving time and money compared to booking several individual taxis.

Additionally, some hotels near the airport provide complimentary transportation from their location directly to Almeria Airport for guests staying overnight before flying out in the morning. Car rental services are also available onsite.

No matter your budget or needs, getting around Almeria by taxi is a convenient and economical solution that ensures a smooth start or end to your trip!

Rental Car Services at Almeria Airport

Rental car services at Almeria Airport in Spain are available to make your travel experience smoother and more convenient. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, the onsite rental car service can provide the convenience of having your own vehicle to explore the area.

With various vehicles, from economy cars to luxury sedans and SUVs, there is sure to be one that meets your needs. Once you have selected the perfect rental car for your upcoming trip, it's easy to pick up at the airport when you arrive.

The staff at Almeria Airport will provide friendly and helpful service along with directions on how to get around in this beautiful region of Spain so that you can enjoy every minute of your journey stress-free.

See and compare all rental car companies at Almeria Airport.

Taxi Services at Almeria Airport

Taxis at Almeria Airport offer visitors a convenient way to travel around the city and its surroundings. Taxis are easily accessible from the airport terminal, just outside the arrivals hall. Travelers can find a wide range of taxi services operating at Almeria Airport, from private transfers to shared-ride shuttles.

Fares depend on the distance traveled, with most rides within Almeria costing around 25 Euro. Passengers should always confirm fares before starting their journey. These may vary depending on traffic or added stops along the way. See more information about taxis at Almeria Airport.

Train Services at Almeria Airport

In Almeria, the airport is located elsewhere than the train station. You can take a cab or a bus to get there. Taxis can take you from Almeria Airport into the city's heart in under 15 minutes at €20.

An additional airport surcharge of about €5 may be added to this total. If you're flying into Almeria Airport, you can catch a bus into the city in 35 minutes for only €1, including your carry-on luggage. More information about train services near Almeria Airport.

Bus Services at Almeria Airport

Almeria Airport is 9 kilometers east of the region's capital city and approximately 500 meters from the coast. Bus Line No. 30 runs from the airport to Almeria city center daily.

Buses at Almeria Airport are the perfect way to get around the city. The airport has an onsite bus station, where buses leave and arrive from all major cities in Spain. The journey times vary depending on your destination, but most trips take under an hour. More information about buses to and from Almeria Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Almeria Airport

This service provides a convenient way to get from the airport to your hotel. The shuttles are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can accommodate up to 8 passengers. They provide door-to-door service, which means you don't have to worry about transferring buses or navigating any public transportation systems; hop on the shuttle and let them take you where you need to go.

Travelers must book their shuttle in advance as they can fill up quickly during peak times of the travel season. You can also expect professional drivers to help with luggage and ensure your ride is comfortable and stress-free. Almeria Airport's shuttles offer an easy way for travelers to get from the terminal directly into town without waiting for cabs or navigating complex public transit systems.

Please visit our hotel page for more details.

Rideshare Services at Almeria Airport

Rideshare services at Almeria Airport have become increasingly popular over the last few years, offering visitors and locals an affordable and convenient way to get around. Unlike traditional taxi services, rideshare companies such as Uber make it easier than ever to book a ride using your smartphone or other devices.

Once you've booked your ride, you must wait for the driver to arrive at your designated pick-up spot. You can also track their progress in real-time to know when they will arrive. Most drivers are friendly and knowledgeable about the area, allowing them to provide helpful tips on local attractions or restaurants along the way.

Parking Services at Almeria Airport

The airport provides additional services for travelers, including discounted parking and car rental packages. The airport also offers various other services, such as free Wi-Fi in the car parks and at the terminal building, making it easier to stay connected while on the go. Travelers can also benefit from luggage storage facilities, special assistance for disabled passengers, and valet parking.

Additionally, Almeria Airport has designated areas for families with children where parents can park their vehicles without worrying about looking after them during their travels. Furthermore, there are plenty of options available regarding payment methods – cash or credit cards are accepted at all times.

Its user-friendly approach and convenient amenities offered by Almeria Airport's Parking Services department make this one of the best airports to fly out from in Spain.

See more information about short and long term parking at Almeria Airport.

Other Services at Almeria Airport

Other passenger services and amenities at Almeria Airport include a variety of shops and restaurants, as well as currency exchange services. Travelers may also take advantage of Wi-Fi access throughout the airport, free luggage trolleys for easy baggage transport, and comfortable seating areas to relax before their flight.

For those looking for more convenience during their travels, car rental counters are available at Almeria Airport with a selection of vehicles from leading companies. Passengers who require additional assistance or special needs can contact the airport before their travel date to arrange assistance in advance.

Traveling through Almeria Airport will be an enjoyable experience with these quality services and amenities.

Disabled Passengers at Almeria Airport

The airport provides special needs services such as wheelchair assistance and specialty seating for those with mobility issues. Passengers with a disability should contact the airline or travel agent to arrange assistance at Almeria Airport before traveling.

It also has dedicated parking spaces for disabled travelers marked in the main car park areas. Disabled passengers can take advantage of the complimentary shuttle bus service between terminal buildings. You can access all other facilities, including the check-in desks, departure gates, and shops.

A designated passenger assistant can guide those who require additional help while traveling through Almeria Airport. All staff members are trained on how best to assist persons with disabilities, so they have every opportunity to enjoy their time at Almeria Airport without any worries or difficulties.

Wi-Fi at Almeria Airport

A wireless internet connection is accessible, allowing guests to stay connected throughout their travels. Wi-Fi access is free. Additionally, users will need to accept the terms and conditions before connecting.

Baggage Claim at Almeria Airport

The airport provides luggage trolleys near the check-in desks, so you can easily move your bags around while searching for your baggage. There are also several dedicated lost & found offices in the area should any items go astray during transit or after it has arrived at their destination.

Each terminal has an information desk where passengers can ask about their baggage claim experience. Furthermore, Almeria Airport has state-of-the-art CCTV cameras that monitor all airport areas, including the baggage reclaim section, for added security measures.

Finally, plenty of staff members are on hand to assist passengers with any queries regarding their belongings during their stay at Almeria Airport.

Information Desk at Almeria Airport

This service is generally open daily from 7am to 10pm so travelers can find answers and assistance for their flight-related inquiries. The staff at the information desk are very knowledgeable about all areas of airport operations, including check-in processes, baggage restrictions, and security regulations.

They also provide up-to-date information on arrival and departure times and any special offers or promotions running in the terminal. Additionally, they can answer questions about transportation options outside the Almeria Airport area, such as car rental services or nearby buses and metro systems.

Customer service representatives strive to ensure a smooth experience for travelers before they board their flights by providing friendly yet professional assistance with whatever needs arise during transit through Almeria Airport.

Smoking at Almeria Airport

This is only permitted in designated areas. The airport has two smoking lounges, one near the check-in desk and another on the second floor. These lounges provide comfortable seating, ashtrays, and plenty of ventilation to ensure a pleasant experience for smokers who need a break during their travels. Signs can be found throughout the terminal indicating the locations of these smoking areas.

Lost and Found Section at Almeria Airport

This section has a wide selection of items such as clothing, electronics, personal belongings, baggage, and other valuable items left behind by travelers in their rush to catch flights or when transferring from another flight. It is also where items are returned to the rightful owner if they lost them during travel.

Customers can check this section for any item they may have misplaced or forgotten on their way out of Almeria Airport. The staff at Lost and Found is highly professional, with years of experience in this field, so customers can handle getting back what belongs to them.

Aside from helping passengers get back lost items, the team at Lost and Found also ensures that all valuables like jewelry and money are kept safe until they reach their rightful owner through identification documents provided by travelers.

Restrooms at Almeria Airport

Restrooms at the facility are kept clean and well stocked. The men's restrooms have urinals, toilet paper stalls, and a hand-washing sink. The women's restroom has the same amenities, plus tampon dispensers and mirrors to freshen up before taking off.

All restrooms are accessible by passengers with disabilities using wheelchairs or scooters, as well as those who require assistance getting around more easily. Additionally, all bathrooms offer room for maneuvering strollers or luggage carts throughout the space so travelers can get what they need quickly and conveniently while on their journey through Almeria Airport.

Nursing Mothers Station at Almeria Airport

This service provides great convenience for traveling mothers. It offers a clean, comfortable, and private area to breastfeed or express milk. The station provides nursing stools, an electric socket, a changing table, paper towels, wipes, and other necessary items.

Nursing mothers no longer have to worry about finding suitable spaces in the airport to express their milk safely. With this facility available at Almeria Airport, Mothers do not need to carry heavy bags full of supplies; all that is required is just one simple bag with diapers and bottles for breastfeeding babies.

ATMs at Almeria Airport

The airport has multiple ATMs throughout the terminal, allowing travelers to quickly and conveniently withdraw local currency when arriving at their destination. These ATMs offer competitive exchange rates and a secure form of payment that eliminates the need to carry large amounts of cash with you during your travels.

In addition, these ATMs accept most major credit and debit cards from around the world. Furthermore, you may need more assistance or information about ATM services at Almeria Airport. In that case, customer service representatives are always nearby to help with inquiries.

Currency Exchange at Almeria Airport

At competitive rates, customers can quickly and easily exchange their own currency for the local currency, Euros. The kiosks are open during normal airport hours and accept all major debit, credit cards, and cash in various denominations. They provide users with up-to-date market rates so that they know how much they're getting in return for their money.

There is also an ATM close to the kiosks, allowing people to withdraw funds from their bank account if needed while traveling abroad. Overall, this service gives travelers an easy way to manage finances while on vacation without worrying about finding a reliable place for exchange services after arriving at the destination country.

Food and Beverages at Almeria Airport

From traditional Spanish tapas and Catalan cuisine to international dishes, everyone can find something here to satisfy their cravings. Visitors who prefer lighter snacks will be delighted with the sandwiches, salads, and pastries available at the airport's cafés.

Several restaurants serve hearty portions of local specialties such as paella and other seafood dishes for those looking for a more substantial meal. The airport also includes several fast-food outlets where passengers can pick up burgers or fish & chips.

And for those who want an energy boost after a long flight, coffee shops are also available to serve espresso-based drinks and other hot beverages throughout the terminal building.

Shopping at Almeria Airport

There are a few small stores that offer snacks and drinks to travelers. You can also find souvenirs such as magnets of Almeria or handmade jewelry from local artisans. Additionally, the airport has several kiosks selling magazines and books in both Spanish and English.

Duty-free shopping is available in two designated outlets where you can purchase items like cigarettes, perfumes, alcohol, cosmetics, electronics, and more without paying additional taxes.

Pet Relief at Almeria Airport

Travelers can also take their pets into the terminal, where they will find designated seating areas and ramps for wheelchairs or strollers.

Ticketing Services at Almeria Airport

From the moment you arrive at the airport, you can purchase flight tickets with various payment options available. The service is also extremely helpful when booking connecting flights and rearranging travel plans.

In addition, staff members are more than happy to answer any questions and help understand different fares and discounts offered by airlines operating from Almeria Airport.

History of Almeria Airport

Even though aeronautical activities in Almeria began in 1911 and the capital city's Town Hall began building a municipal aerodrome in the late 1920s, which was inaugurated in 1932, the first initiative to provide Almeria with an airport that would break the city's secular isolation was not taken until 1947.

This was supported by the widespread use of aircraft and the necessity and significance of building an airport for exporting agricultural goods. Almeria City Council stepped up to the task. It pushed for the establishment of the Almeria Airport Combined Technical Board in 1951, which included representation from both the city and the Air Ministry.

Los Albardiales was chosen as the site after numerous other possibilities were discarded. The airport was officially pushed forward after being included in the 1964-1967 General Plan for Airports and Air Routes. A runway and parking ramp for planes were built as part of the airport's expansion project. A temporary passenger terminal was installed initially, with a more permanent one scheduled for completion sometime around 1968.

El Alquian Airport first opened to the public on February 6, 1968. It is now open for domestic and international passenger and cargo travel during daylight hours and, upon request, at night. Aircraft parking, a terminal, four taxiways, and a terminal surround the runway, numbered 08-26. When the airport was opened, all passengers were processed together. However, once the terminal's layout was altered, domestic and foreign travelers were given their own check-in counters.

Two or three weekly flights were offered on an Almeria–Madrid line, using F-27 aircraft. In April, DC-9 and Caravelle planes began making this flight every day. A regular Convair 440 service between Murcia and Barcelona was launched in November. A few years later, alternative connections were set up with Alicante and Barcelona.

The first international route, from Almeria to Valencia to Paris, took off in July 1970. There was an increase in traffic between Germany and Barcelona during the summer and between England and Barcelona during the winter. British Airways first flew between Almeria and London in 1974.

About Almeria, Spain

Andalusia is home to the city and municipality of Almeria, Spain. It's the main city in the province with the same name. Located on the Mediterranean coast in southeastern Iberia, it was established in 955 by Caliph Abd al-Rahman III.

During the Islamic era, the city prospered and had become a major global center by the 11th and 12th centuries. A bustling harbor allowed for the exchange of goods, including silk, oil, and raisins. By European standards, the climate at Almeria is among the driest you'll find.

Almeria may trace its roots back to the 9th century, when the so-called Republic of Pechina (Bajjana), a few kilometers to the north, declared independence from the Cordobese central government. The city of Almeria, formerly known as Al-Mariyya Bajjana, was founded as a trading port of Pechina.

The city of Peking and its harbor have had contrasting fates. During the reign of Abd-ar-Rahman III, beginning in 933, the latter gradually lost its population. At the same time, the former became the home of the Caliphal naval.

Abd-ar-Rahman III himself made the decision to build the walls in 955. The economy of Almeria was bolstered by a silk industry that utilized hundreds of looms and sustained itself off of the mulberry trees planted in the area. During the caliphal time, Almeria was also a major center for the slave trade.

After the fall of the Caliphate of Córdoba in the early 11th century, in 1014, Almeria broke away from the Cordobese dominion. She established a taifa ruled by Slavic kinglets. In 1038, it was handed over to Valencia's Taifa. The Arab Banu Sumadih soon established dominance over the new taifa. They remained in power until 1091 when they were overthrown by the Almoravids. By doing so, the city's economy was able to integrate into the Almoravid empire's trading networks.

Almeria expanded upon its caliphal period foundation to become the third largest city in Al-Andalus in the 11th and 12th centuries, a historical significance unrivaled in its rest. The Maghreb supplied Almeria with indigo dye, while Egypt supplied it with linen and wool. At the same time, it sent copper and highly sought-after textiles to Fez and Tlemcen.

Almeria's economy has relied heavily on intensive agriculture for the past 50 years. Today's modern agricultural economy is increasingly reliant on the supply industry that services greenhouses, where vegetables are grown, processed, and sold.

The use of soil sanding, plastic coverings, drip irrigation systems, hybrid seeds, soil-less cultivation, irrigation programs, innovative greenhouse designs, and so forth all contribute to this situation, as would a fantastic dynamic model that can continually absorb new technology.

Weather in Almeria, Spain

While summers are brief, hot, humid, arid, and largely clear, winters are lengthy, chilly, dry, windy, and partially cloudy. Temperatures rarely drop 42 degrees Fahrenheit below or rise over 95 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year.

Almeria is the warmest and most pleasant for various outdoor pursuits from late June to early September. The average daily high is above 82 degrees Fahrenheit from June to September, making this the hot season. In Almeria, the average high temperature is 86 degrees Fahrenheit in August, and the average low is 72 degrees.

Averaging below 66 degrees Fahrenheit, the chilly season extends for four months, from November to March. January is the coldest month in Almeria, with temperatures averaging 47°F at night and 61°F during the day.

The rainy season is from September to May, a total of 8 months. The wettest days occur on average over four days in November. The dry season lasts for four months, from May to September, with the driest day often falling in July.

Useful Contact Details in Almeria, Spain

If you find yourself in a medical or police emergency in Almeria, Spain, the first thing to do is call 112. This number puts you through to an emergency operator who can assist with any emergency. Once connected to the operator, they will direct you to the appropriate medical facility or police station if necessary.

It is important when calling this number that you remain calm and give as much detail as possible so that help can be dispatched quickly and effectively. Additionally, it is helpful to know your location at all times, so authorities to reach you quickly.

In cases where language could be an issue, many operators are multilingual. They can communicate with people who speak various languages fluently.


Hospital Vithas Almeria

Address: Carretera del Mami, Km1, 4120 Almeria, Almeria

Phone: 950217100

Police Station

Policia local de Almeria

Address: Avenida el Mediterráneo, 255 04004 Almería, Spain

Phone: +34 950 62 12 06

Almeria Airport Contacts

Address: Carretera Nijar - Alquián, 04130 Almería, Spain

General Phone: +34 913 21 10 00

Lost and Found Phone: +34 913 21 10 00

Information Desk Phone: +34 913 21 10 00

Official Website:

Local Information

Drive on: Right

Electricity: 230V/50Hz

Plug: F

Currency: Euro

Wi-Fi at Airport: Free Wi-Fi is available at Almeria Airport

Visitor Information - Almeria Airport

Airport Information

Address, contact details, lost and found, location map etc...

Airport Name
Time at Airport
Phone Number
(+34) 91 321 1000
Lost & Found Services
Airport Address
Carretera Nijar - Alquián, 04130 Almería, Almería, Spain
Location Map
Map of LEI Airport
Drive on the Right
Electricity / Voltage
Electric Outlet Adapter
No. of monthly flights
No. of countries served
Popular Airlines at LEI
  • Iberia Regional
  • Jet2
  • Smartwings
  • Ryanair
  • Vueling
Top Routes
  • Brussels
  • Manchester
  • London
  • Madrid
  • Paris
  • Free Amendments
  • Free Cancellations
  • No Card Fees
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