Granada Airport (GRX)

Granada International Airport, locally known as Federico Garcia Lorca Granada-Jaen Airport (IATA: GRX), is a landing field facility serving Granada, Andalusia, Spain. It has an elevation of 1,860 ft. or 567 meters Above Mean Sea Level. The airport is also close to Chauchina and Santa Fe, about 15km west of Granada and about 100km south of Jaen.

Although quite far from the premises, Jaen was included in the official name to promote this area and Granada's importance in international tourist circuits. The official name was established in 2006 and is in honor of a famous poet of the site, Federico García Lorca, a world ambassador for Andalusia. The airport serves the region of La Vega del Genil. It is particularly near Chauchina, El Jau, Cijuela, Lâchar, and Santa Fe.

On a broader scale, the city of Alhambra lies towards the south of Spain, with Jaen and Ciudad Real to the northern section and Madrid to the far north. Cordova and Seville to the west and Malaga and Marbella to the southwest. Cartagena is to the east and along the coastline, with Murcia just to the north.

Transfer Services at Granada Airport

An organized public transport system has been one of the significant factors in Granada's tourism boost. Local and international travelers can conveniently move around the city and nearby places.

Car rentals, taxis, buses, trains, and shuttle services are among the top modes of transportation utilized by travelers and public commuters.

Granada Airport is also served by those transfer services mentioned above. They can easily pick up and drop off passengers.

The airport also has a covered parking area with approximately 840 spaces for guests. It is located a few meters from the airport's passenger terminal building.

Rental Car Services at Granada Airport

Inbound and outbound sightseers often rent a car to enjoy hassle-free and fun trips. It gives freedom for travelers to take an adventure at their own pace.

However, car rental agencies have set essential rules and require necessary documents from renters.

Renters must meet the rental agency's age requirement, which is at least 21 years old and above, depending upon their chosen company. However, those below 25 years old are subject to a surcharge for a young driver's fee.

Renters must also show a valid driver's license from their country of residence. Although most car hire companies accept local driver's licenses, Spanish law requires foreign drivers to carry an International Driving Permit.

See and compare all rental car companies at Granada International Airport.

Taxi Services at Granada Airport

Federico Garcia Lorca Airport Taxi Drivers Association members are the official taxi service to operate at the airport, authorized by the City Councils of Chauchina and Santa Fe.

The taxi stop is located outside the Passenger terminal.

Intercity rates apply for transfer services to Granada and other points of destination. Passengers are recommended to request a receipt for any claim.

See more information about taxis at Granada International Airport.

Train Services at Granada Airport

Train transit is one of the fastest ways to move around a region. It is also the best choice for passengers taking the long road to far-flung places. More information about train services near Granada International Airport.

However, Granada Airport does not have a railway line. The nearest train station to the property is situated at the city center, about 17km or a 21-minute drive via A-92G, depending upon the traffic condition.

Bus Services at Granada Airport

The Granada-Aeropuerto bus line connects Granada Airport to the city center, a 17- or 45-minute drive from the property. The bus strategically stops at designated bus points Avenida de Andalucia, the Bus Station, Gran Via de Colon, and Paseo del Violon near the Congress Palace.

More information about buses to and from Granada International Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Granada Airport

Shuttle services in Granada are offered mainly by hotels situated in the area. Some would provide it as a complimentary service for their guests, and others offer it for a surcharge. Therefore, guests must confirm their shuttle reservation to their chosen hotel accommodation beforehand to ensure the earliest possible delays.

Granada Airport allows hotel shuttles to pick up and drop off passengers at its ground transportation area.

For more information, visit our hotel page.

Rideshare Services at Granada Airport

Rideshare vehicles are rare in Granada. Therefore, we recommend something other than this mode of transportation for inbound and outbound guests of Granada Airport.

Other transport options remain, such as taxis, buses, car rentals, and train transit.

Parking Services at Granada Airport

Granada Airport's public car park is just a few meters from the passenger terminal building, which can be accessed in a minute. The car park facility has an enclosed surface with about 840 parking spaces.

Parking reservations and mobile payments are available online via the official website of Granada airport.

See more information about short and long term parking at Granada International Airport.

Other Services at Granada Airport

Other passenger services and amenities at Granada Airport include luggage facilities for those who need to store their bags for a few hours or days.

There is a restaurant and café in the main terminal building for anyone looking for a bite. Several shops also sell souvenirs and other items you may want to take home as reminders of your time at Granada Airport.

You can also find books, magazines, newspapers, and more at the newsstands dotted throughout the airport. Finally, the airport also provides free WiFi access throughout its terminals. Passengers will only be stuck with an internet connection while they wait for their flight.

Disabled Passengers at Granada Airport

Disabled passengers also have access to unique parking spaces as well as wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and other equipment to support their journey through the airport. The terminal building is fully accessible with wide automatic doors, lifts or escalators, adapted toilets, and a dedicated information desk.

Particular seating areas in the departure lounge provide comfort while waiting for flights. Accessible bathrooms on each terminal floor meet international standards regarding accessibility and hygiene procedures. In addition, there are designated drop-off points close to both terminals, making it easier for passengers with reduced mobility to request help when traveling by car or taxi.

WiFi at Granada Airport

The connection is free of charge and can be accessed through any Wi-Fi-enabled device. Passengers must register with a valid email address once they arrive at the airport to gain access. With this new service, travelers have more options for staying connected during their travels. Whether checking for flight updates or browsing online for travel information, staying connected has always been challenging.

Baggage Claim at Granada Airport

The staff at the Baggage Claim Office is knowledgeable and friendly, ready to answer any questions passengers may have. Travelers should ensure they have all required documentation before heading to Baggage Claim, as this will expedite retrieving their luggage.

Information Desk at Granada Airport

Services offered include providing information about flights, flight times, arrival and departure schedules, ground transportation options, and more. The staff at the Airport Information Desk can help passengers locate their luggage if it has been lost or misplaced. They can also provide advice on local attractions and tips for getting around Granada safely and efficiently.

Additionally, they will gladly answer any questions customers may have regarding air travel or other services provided at the airport. With friendly staff always available to assist travelers throughout their journey through Granada Airport, this service is invaluable for ensuring smooth transitions between destinations.

Smoking at Granada Airport

Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed areas. This includes inside the airport, outside the terrace, and anywhere else within the building's boundaries. Smoking is prohibited in any car parks or arrival/departure halls at Granada Airport.

The ban on smoking at Granada Airport has been implemented to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for travelers, visitors, and employees. Additionally, it helps reduce air pollution caused by second-hand smoke. The non-smoking policy applies to passengers and staff members who work at Granada Airport – everyone must adhere to this rule or face consequences such as a fine or removal from the premises.

Those who wish to smoke are encouraged to do it away from public view and out of respect for other travelers' rights. Designated smoking areas can be found near entrances/exits of Granada Airport buildings which offer covered seating with ashtrays provided nearby for smokers' convenience.

Lost and Found Section at Granada Airport

The Lost and Found section provides travelers with a convenient, secure place to store any items they may have misplaced or forgotten on their travels. Things such as phones, laptops, wallets, jewelry, and other personal effects can be retrieved from this department should they become lost during travel.

The airport staff is available 24 hours a day to assist in locating any item that has been left behind. All items must be registered at the Lost and Found desk to be easily identified in case of retrieval, which helps speed up reuniting owners with their possessions.

Restrooms at Granada Airport

The restrooms have several stalls that offer private toilets and urinal areas with plenty of space for changing or washing hands. All surfaces have been treated to prevent the spread of germs. Additionally, each stall has a sink basin so users can easily wash their hands after using the restroom. Granada Airport also offers free hand sanitizer dispensers in each area for added convenience and hygiene measures. All these amenities make passengers feel safe and comfortable using the bathrooms at Granada Airport.

Nursing Mothers Station at Granada Airport

This service is designed to make the experience of breastfeeding in public more accessible and more comfortable for mothers while on the go. The Nursing Mothers Station provides a private space where mothers can feed their babies without feeling embarrassed or awkward.

There is also a changing station so moms can change their baby's diapers quickly and easily. This service has been widely welcomed by travelers who appreciate having a place to nurse or diaper their children in peace and comfort at the airport.

ATMs at Granada Airport

In addition to regular currency exchange services, several banks offer ATMs that dispense both euros and pounds sterling. This is for travelers needing quick access to cash in either of these two major global currencies. Finally, you need more money during your stay at Granada Airport. In that case, credit card payments are accepted at most shops and restaurants in the terminal building.

Currency Exchange at Granada Airport

Suppose you're looking to exchange foreign currency at Granada Airport. In that case, several currency exchange outlets offer competitive rates on all major currencies. Additionally, many banks near the airport offer some form of international currency exchange service.

Food and Beverages at Granada Airport

From traditional Spanish tapas and paella dishes to international cuisines like hamburgers and pizza, travelers will find something to satisfy their appetite before they take off. The airport also offers several bars serving regional wines, beers, cocktails, and specialty coffees.

There is a selection of fast food restaurants for those looking for a quick snack on the go. With ample seating areas throughout Granada Airport, even long waits between flights can be comfortable and enjoyable for all travelers.

Shopping at Granada Airport

Granada Airport is well connected with most major European cities and many more destinations worldwide. With a wide range of stores offering everything from luxury items to everyday must-haves, there's something for everyone at Granada Airport.

Whether you're looking for souvenirs or gifts, fashion apparel or cosmetics, electronics or books – you can find it all here. Plus, with plenty of restaurants and bars onsite, picking up whatever you need during your stay in Spain couldn't be easier.

Pet Relief at Granada Airport

The pet area is located at the north terminal of Granada Airport. It offers several amenities to ensure your pet has everything for a safe, comfortable journey. There are grassy areas specifically designed for pets to relieve themselves, along with benches and covered tables so you can relax while waiting for your flight.

Ticketing Services at Granada Airport

The airport operates domestic and international flights, so you can purchase tickets for either flight at the ticket counter. In addition to buying tickets, you can also check your luggage and ask questions about upcoming flights. All passengers flying out of Granada Airport must go through security before boarding their plane.

History of Granada Airport

Granada Airport's construction began in 1970 and opened its doors as Aeropuerto de Granada in 1972.

One of the most significant highlights in the history of Granada was when it hosted the 1995 World Ski Championship. For this occasion, the airport facilities were extensively improved, accepting visitors from other places. Furthermore, aircraft parking areas were built, the runway was lengthened, and the terminal building was enlarged.

On June 13, 2006, the airport was officially named after the poet Federico García Lorca, born near Granada.

About Granada, Spain

Granada is a province in the southern portion of Spain, part of the eastern autonomous region of Andalusia. Its capital city, Granada, is near the Sierra Nevada mountains. The city has an average elevation of 2,421 ft. or 738 meters Above Sea Level.

In the 2021 national census of Granada, the city proper has a population of about 227,383 and an estimated 231,775 inhabitants in the municipal area, placing it in the 20th ranking place as the largest urban area in Spain.

Weather in Granada, Spain

In Granada, the summers are short, hot, dry, and predominantly clear, and the winters are prolonged, cold, and partly cloudy. Over the year, the temperature varies typically from 0°C to 34°C and is rarely below -4°C or above 38°C.

For summer activities, the best time of year to visit Granada is from late June to late August.

However, based on the city's tourism score, visitors favor clear, rainless days with estimated temperatures between 18°C and 27°C. The most suitable and ideal times of year to visit Granada for public outdoor tourist activities are from mid-May to mid-July and from mid-August to early October, with a peak score starting from the second week of June.

Useful Contact Details

Traveling to unfamiliar places for pleasure or business means taking extra precautionary measures. It is a must for travelers to keep a record of essential details and contact numbers in times of emergencies. In case of assistance, below are important hotline numbers in Granada.

Spain National Emergency Phone: 112

Spain's national emergency response hotline is 112. It has been a standard for the local community to dial 112 for emergencies. When dialing the hotline number, there is no need for national area codes.

This only works in the whole of Spain and some parts of Europe. Calls through mobile and landlines are free.


Virgen de las Nieves University Hospital

Address: Avenue de las Fuerzas Armadas, 2, 18014 Granada, Spain

Phone: +34 958 02 00 00

Police Station

Local Police Granada

Address: C. Huerta del Rasillo, 6, 18004 Granada, Spain

Phone: +34 958 20 68 78

Granada Airport Contact

Address: Old road of Malaga. 18329 Grenada

General Phone: (+34) 913 211 000

Lost and Found Phone: (+34) 913 211 000

Information Desk: +(+34) 913 211 000

Official Website:

Local Information

Drive on: Right

Electricity: 230V/50Hz

Plug: C, E, and F

Currency: Euro, €

WiFi at the Airport: Complimentary WiFi access is provided for Granada Airport guests.

Visitor Information - Granada Airport

Airport Information

Address, contact details, lost and found, location map etc...

Airport Name
Time at Airport
Phone Number
+34 958 24 52 00
Email address
Lost & Found Services
+34 958 245 249
Airport Address
Ctra. de Málaga, 18329 Chauchina, Granada, Spain
Location Map
Map of GRX Airport
Drive on the Right
Electricity / Voltage
Electric Outlet Adapter
No. of monthly flights
No. of countries served
Popular Airlines at GRX
  • Vueling
  • Iberia Regional
  • VistaJet
  • Iberia
  • Volotea
Top Routes
  • Las Palmas
  • Palma Mallorca
  • Madrid
  • Melilla
  • Oviedo Aviles

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Airport Distance Useful Links
85.98 km / 53.42 miles
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  • Free Cancellations
  • No Card Fees
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