Malaga to Eindhoven

Flying from Pablo Ruiz Picasso to Eindhoven is relatively easy as there are 2 who offer direct flights. These airliners include Ryanair and Transavia. The flight time is approximately 2 hours 57 minutes.

The cost of flights varies on the time and day you fly. The cheapest flights available will generally be mid week or late in the evening, so if you are on a budget then these are the flight times you should consider. Alternatively, you could book well in advance and you flight could be up to 50% cheaper, especially with budget airliners. We recommend our viewers to pay and reserve the seats in advance. This ensures you get the best seats on the plane at the cheapest prices.

Please see below the airlines that fly from Pablo Ruiz Picasso (AGP) to Eindhoven (EIN) and the amount of daily flights in operation.

AirlinerMoTuWeThFrSaSuFirst FlightLast Flight

Most people choose to fly with Transavia. They offer the largest number of flights so they have times which are most likely to suite you. The flights they offer will go by the flight numbers HV 6652 and HV 6654 with times between 11:05 and 20:15.

If you would like more information on this flight the please visit the website for Transavia at You will be able to find the latest availability, prices and make your booking online.

Flight times for Transavia are summarised in the table below. These time were correct at the time of writing, but please be aware that times may vary from time to time so please check their website for exact times and the dates you wish to fly.

DayFlying Time
Monday11:35 and 18:45
Tuesday11:05 and 20:15
Wednesday19:20 and 19:40
Thursday11:20 and 19:05
Friday19:25 and 19:50
Saturday10:55 and 19:45
Sunday11:25 and 20:00

Flights to Eindhoven are also available from airports close to Pablo Ruiz Picasso. Below we have provided a short list of routes which you could consider is you feel that are suitable.

RouteStopsDistanceFlying Time
Malaga to Lille01,659 km (1,031 miles)2 hours 46 minutes
Malaga to Brussels Charleroi Brussels South01,691 km (1,051 miles)2 hours 48 minutes
Malaga to Ostend01,717 km (1,067 miles)2 hours 50 minutes
Malaga to Brussels01,736 km (1,078 miles)2 hours 51 minutes
Malaga to Liege01,743 km (1,083 miles)2 hours 52 minutes
Malaga to Hahn01,751 km (1,088 miles)2 hours 52 minutes
Malaga to Antwerp Deurne01,763 km (1,095 miles)2 hours 53 minutes
Malaga to Cologne01,829 km (1,137 miles)2 hours 58 minutes
Malaga to Rotterdam01,839 km (1,142 miles)2 hours 58 minutes
Malaga to Dusseldorf Weeze01,846 km (1,147 miles)2 hours 59 minutes
Malaga to Dusseldorf01,853 km (1,152 miles)2 hours 59 minutes
Malaga to Amsterdam Schiphol01,884 km (1,170 miles)3 hours 2 minutes
Malaga to Dortmund01,907 km (1,185 miles)3 hours 3 minutes

Over the past 10 years flight regulations have become very strict so we advise you to leave plenty of time to check in and get through customs.

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